MB2-719 Certification: Dynamics 365 for Marketing

I am about to take the MB2-719 certification, this certification covers the Dynamics 365 for Marketing Application. I plan to create a series of blog posts that collectively should help anyone else preparing for this exam.

Here you will find links to all my posts relating to the MB2-719 exam.


Set up and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Perform initial set up steps; configure organizational, business management, and customization settings; define default matching strategies; view quota limits
Configure other settings
Configure event settings; configure Customer Insights synchronization; upload images to file storage; view and manage keywords for an organization; create templates, including activity templates
Manage data quality and privacy
Identify GDPR rules for individuals and organizations; identify how Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports GDPR; configure permission-based marketing; track online behaviour; manage email unsubscribe requests; manage data imports and deduplication
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing with other services
Integrate with the Customer Insights service; use Power BI to view Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing data; identify how custom channels work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Revision Guides


Settings / Quota Limits


Data Privacy (GDPR)

Track Online Behaviour


Manage segments and lists
Create and manage segments Identify segment types; create market segments including dynamic, static, and suppression segments; implement segment naming rules; view segment entities and relationships by using the Explore hyperlink; configure dynamic segments by using the Designer; combine segments using union, exclude, or intersect logic
Create and manage subscription centers and lists
Identify usage scenarios for subscription lists; create a subscription list; add a subscription list to a form; create a segment based on a subscription list

Revision Guides


Subscription Centers

Create and manage marketing forms and pages
Create marketing forms
Identify types of marketing forms; identify form requirements and limitations; create a marketing form by using a template; create landing forms, subscription centers, and Forward to a Friend pages
Create and manage marketing pages
Create marketing pages; add form blocks to marketing pages; add forms to form blocks; apply a style to marketing pages; integrate marketing pages with marketing emails; create and use dynamic tests links; implement dedicated marketing page blocks; preview and validate marketing pages; publish a marketing page

Revision Guides

Marketing Forms

Marketing Pages

Forward to a Friend

Manage leads
Create and manage leads
Identify and describe stages in the lead life cycle; create leads manually or automatically; synchronize leads from LinkedIn by using the LinkedIn connector; create segments by using Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights integration
Assess sales readiness
Create fixed rule and behavior rule scoring conditions; create compound conditions; set up single and multiple condition models; configure advanced lead scoring; configure sales readiness thresholds; review lead conversion metrics

Revision Guides

Manage Leads

Lead Scoring

Create and manage marketing emails
Create email messages
Create an email message by using a template; use basic HTML markup to create email messages; identify mandatory dynamic fields; add dynamic content to email messages
Publish and manage email messages
Identify message requirements; preview messages by using the Basic and Inbox options; validate messages; publish messages

Revision Guides

Marketing Emails

Manage customer journeys
Create journeys
Identify and describe journey template types; identify content types; set up a customer journey; implement Activity and Launch Workflow options; implement targets; identify flow control components; implement flow control for journeys
Publish and manage journeys
Configure required options for publishing journeys; check campaigns for errors; publish a campaign; display customer journey insights

Revision Guides

Marketing Journeys

Manage events
Create events and webinars
Create an event team; set up sessions, including internal and external tracks; set up speakers; create event passes; set up venues; manage sponsors; manage vendors, logistics, and accommodations; identify webinar types; configure webinar options
Manage webinars
Configure the event portal; create event invitations, banners, and social media posts; register and check in attendees; gather event feedback; review events

Revision Guides

Events – Part One (Define Events)

Events – Part Two (Register and Attend Events)

Create and distribute surveys
Create surveys
Create a theme and upload images; add pages to a survey and personalize data; identify survey question types; add survey questions; identify respondent types; configure responsive routing
Preview, test, and publish surveys
Add surveys to emails; add surveys to customer journeys; clone, import, and translate surveys
Manage survey responses
Interpret survey results; identify report types; run reports; view data in the survey dashboard; create leads from surveys

Revision Guides

Voice of the Customer

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  1. Hello Neil,Thanks so much for your blog, I find the URL of ”Events – Part One (Define Events)” is not right. Can you help to fix it?


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