MB2-719 Certification: Dynamics 365 for Marketing – Marketing Forms

I am about to take the MB2-719 certification, this certification covers the Dynamics 365 for Marketing Application. I plan to create a series of blog posts that collectively should help anyone else preparing for this exam. In this post I will look at Marketing Forms.

You can see in the skills measured statement that upto 15% of the exam will focus on marketing forms and marketing pages. I will cover using marketing forms in subscription centers in another post. In this post I will focus on landing forms.

I am going to cover forms and pages in separate posts, but you should understand that a marketing page is a web page hosted by Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Marketing pages can be used to allow contacts to register for offers or update their contacts details etc. A marketing page typically includes a marketing form. For this reason, the two topics are closely related.

Marketing forms and pages can be used in landing pages, subscription centers and forward to a friend. In this post I intend to concentrate on landing pages. As I will cover subscription centers and forward to a friend in separate posts. (As both of those have additional “special” logic.)

We can define templates for marketing forms and pages within Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Also, Marketing does ship with several pre-defined templates. (And you can obviously create your own.) Marketing form templates might be of use when you want to repeatedly capture similar information and wish to define a reusable (consistent) approach.

Marketing forms and form templates are separate records from marketing pages. Meaning you can repeatedly use the same marketing form on multiple marketing pages. (or embedded them externally into 3rd party sites without using an iFrame.)

Form Type

Marketing pages and forms will both have a type. (As would a template.) The possible types are landing page, subscription center and forward to a friend. It will therefore be important to ensure that your marketing form and marketing page are of a similar type. As each type will be associated with “special” logic. For example, a subscription center form must include a submit button and “do not email” option as a minimum.

A marketing form is made up of a number of components. Including, various design elements, fields, remember me, subscription lists and subscription center.

Depending on the form type selected different elements on the form will be allowed and sometimes maybe required. The table below illustrates the various elements of a form and how they relate to each form type.

Design elements

The design elements allow us to define the style of the form and any overall navigation. The design elements include text, images, dividers, buttons, reset buttons, captcha, submit button and contents blocks.

Re-usable content blocks are a relatively new feature of Dynamics 365 for Marketing. They allow us (as the name suggests) to reuse content. The idea being that the same content could be included in emails, forms and pages. Making it easy to ensure a consistent approach is followed. Whilst content blocks are really cool I doubt they are included in the MB2-719 exam.


The fields option allows us to insert fields into the marketing form. You can define the fields and link them to the related contact / lead fields using the “marketing form fields” option. Or alternatively you can create them “on the fly” whilst editing a marketing form. (By using the “+New” option.)

You will have several properties that can be set on each field as they are added to forms. Including if the field should be pre-filled and also if it is a required field. (I will cover pre-filling of data in a little more detail later in this post.)

Remember me, Subscription Lists and Subscription Centers

These three options all relate to compliance and capture of contact preferences.

The subscription center option will insert s “do not email” option and also a submit button,

Subscription lists are related to the subscription center and can be used to allow contacts to opt in / out of specific marketing subscription lists.

The remember me option relates to landing pages that can be used to pre-fill personal contact information.

Tip: Additionally, you may need to be aware the Dynamics 365 for Marketing forms may use cookies. It is therefore important that you ensure any requirements to notify visitors to your website / pages includes any mandatory cookie acceptance criteria.

Pre-fill of data

Pre-filling data on a landing page involves ensuring several requirements are met. I will highlight these below;

Firstly each contact has a preference that will allow pre-filling of data. The remember me field must be set to allow to support the pre-fill of forms.

Tip: In my instance I needed to add the remember me field to my contact form! Also notice that the default value is “Do not allow”. Meaning you may need to change this to allow for forms to refill by default.

Next your marketing form (landing page) will need to be enabled for pre-fill. To do this you will need to change vthe pre-fill fields setting in the summary tab to be yes.

Also the fields on the form that need tio be pre-filled will need to have their pre-fill property set.

Additionally, all landing pages that are enabled for pre-fill MUST include a remember me field.

Editing Marketing Forms

Part of your revision should include plenty of hands on practice! Learning how to actually edit marketing forms is best done by you experimenting!

Try using the design, this offers is drag and drop interface to make building a form simple.

You can then use the HTML option if you need to edit the code behind the form created with the designer.

You can also use the preview option to see how the form might appear on various form factors.

Marketing Form Insights

As part of your revision I suggest you create several marketing forms. Include them in marketing pages and then submit data.

This will generate some test data which will allow you to explore the insights available for marketing forms. By changing your selected for to the insights form you can see various statistics in the summary and submissions tabs.

Additionally, you can use the check for errors option just to confirm your marketing form is “good to go” before including into a marketing page.

Hopefully I have introduced you to many of the concepts you may need to be aware of connected with marketing forms. But you (importantly) should include a significant amount of hands on time as aprt of your revision for the MB2-719 exam. Hopefully you will find experimenting with the various options fun. Enjoy!

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