The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Release History (2_0_0_2)


The USD Accelerator is a pre-build Unified Service Desk configuration aimed at helping speed your USD project.

This post will highlight the enhancements and bug fixes released in version 2_0_0_2 of The USD Accelerator for UCI.

Several of the new features and bug fixes will have been created because of feedback received from people using The USD Accelerator. I’d like to express a big thank you for that feedback, please keep it coming!

You can find out more about The USD Accelerator here.

Date 23rd December 2018
Version 2_0_0_2
USD Version USD
Description Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Amongst the enhancements two CanasApps have been added.

Canvas App for contact Verification

A canvas App is available which will help verify the agent is speaking to the correct contact. Additionally functionality exists to log the results of verification checks as a note against the contact.

Canvas App for Announcements

Announcements can be viewed by all agents in a Canvas App which will show in the right panel. Additionally they can open the details of each announcement.

Added separate tab for stream TV (Gamification)

If Gamification is enabled, opening the stream TV will now trigger a separate tab to open.

Additionally a toolbar button has been added to the Stream TV and main Gamification tabs to allow agents to move the tab. (They may, for example wish to make these floating panels and position on a second monitor.)

Agent Script & toolbar buttons to create lead for existing contact / account

Selecting the agent script (or toolbar button) will open a lead. The lead will be automatically linked to the current account and/or contact.

USD History includes agent script history

The USD history has been expanded to include a text field that hold details of all agent scripts selected during a session. This might be useful when wanting to understand steps taken by an agent.

Ability to load Live Assist chat transcript in separate tab

Following a live chat or when opening a previous chat we cannot (currently) see the chat transcript on the UCI form of the chat activity. (I think because UCI forms do not currently support iframes.)

To resolve this issue I have added a toolbar button that will open the chat transcript in a separate tab. Below you can see an icon will show on completed chat activities.

Selecting the icon will open the chat transcript in a separate tab, as shown below.

Bug Fixes
Batch mode for phone call was never starting.
KPI Dashboards were showing in web client style not UCI (Now show as UCI.)
To/Regarding fields weren’t setting correctly on emails.
USD history notes didn’t include new line character correctly.
Dependency on having FieldService installed removed.
LiveAssist, cobrowse was failing to open.
LiveAssist, Wasn’t loading related chat activities from contact.
LiveAssist, refresh of chat activity fixed
LiveAssist, send case number to chat window fixed.
LiveAssist, KB search, toolbar button to send article to chat wasn’t showing.
Callbacks, lead to field not being set correctly.
Callbacks, RunXrmCommand was failing due to directioncode not being Boolean.

Gamification icon wasn’t hiding when global tabs were hidden.

Qgate, leads from Qgate CTI search were incorrectly loading outside of USD.

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