Summit EMEA 2019

I’m really looking forward to Summit EMEA this year in Amsterdam. The event runs from 27th to 29th March in Amsterdam so you still have time to register ….


I’ve attended the last two Summit EMEA events and both were excellent. I learnt bucket loads about Dynamics 365 and met tonnes of great people. Plus had fun whilst doing it …. the 2017 summit was also in Holland, meaning we already know the location and venue will be first class. As this will be our second visit to the amazing RAI in Amsterdam.

I’m going to be really busy at the event this year! As I am involved with four presentations (three on the first day of summit!) …. To hopefully encourage you to join my sessions I’ve given a summary of what I’ve planned for day one below;

The USD Accelerator and Omni-channel

On Wednesday 27th March I kick off with a presentation titled “The USD Accelerator and Omni-channel”.

My presentation will include a demo of my USD Accelerator but will also explain many of the concepts connected with Unified Service Desk. And more than that we’ll see how Live Assist from CaféX and Intelli-CTI from QGate can help provide omni-channel within USD. An along the way I’ll dip into many other areas of Dynamics 365. Including Field Service, Gamification and much more.

Certification! What’s in it for me??

I’m very passionate about the importance of being certified and keeping certified. (My blog does have the occasional post about exams!) So I am very pleased that also on Wednesday 27th I’ll be presenting with Julian Sharp …. Amongst many other things Julian is a well regarded Microsoft Certified Trainer. I’m really pleased to be presenting with him as he’s the person who first taught me Dynamics and helped me pass my CRM v4.0 exams!

In our presentation we’ll explain all the latest certification options and also give you loads of tips on how to approach the exams.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Demo and that all important comparison

And just to keep me extra busy on the first day of the summit I will also be presenting with Lucy Muscat. This time we’ll be giving a demo of Dynamics 365 for Marketing. And also comparing its features to other products in the market. (aka Click Dimensions)

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work with Dynamics 365 for Marketing recently! We even used its event portal to host one of our local user group meetings in Birmingham. In my demonstration I will show you how easy it was to create the marketing journeys to support that event.

Lucy is a presales architect for Hitachi and is extremely knowledgeable on many marketing platforms, including Click Dimensions. Meaning she’s the perfect person to compare what we see in my demo to Click Dimensions.

Come and join our presentation to find out who wins …. Microsoft or Click Dimensions???

Hopefully you can make it to Summit EMEA in Amsterdam this year. If you do please come and say hello  ….

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