MB 210: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales – Auto-Numbering

As I prepare for my Dynamics 365 certification in sales (MB 210), I’m creating blog posts based on my revision. I hope that collectively these posts may prove useful to anyone also preparing for the MB 210 exam. This time I will cover the concepts around auto numbering.

You will see that auto numbering settings are mentioned in the skills measured statement within the section headed “Perform Configuration”.

Below you can see that I have navigated to my environment in the new style admin center. Here I can select my environment and open the settings option.


I can now access many settings options, including auto-numbering.


There are nine entities in Dynamics 365 which are enabled to auto-numbering. Those being contracts, cases, quotes, orders, invoices, campaigns, articles, categories and knowledge articles.

You cannot enable more entities for auto-numbering using this out of the box numbering but you can configure how the numbering should operate for each of these entities.

For each entity that has the capability of auto-numbering you can define a prefix and length for the suffix. Additionally a preview of a number is shown.

Whenever one of the entities enabled for autonumbering is first saved a unique number will be assigned. An example of a quotation is given below.

Notice the format, the prefix is “QUO”. Next, I have a sequential number which automatically increments. Then we have a suffix which will be between 4 and 6 characters depending on your auto-numbering settings.

Hopefully you will agree the auto-numbering is a simple concept but it is one you’ll need to be aware of for the MB 210 exam. As part of your revision I suggest altering the numbering formats to see how these are applied on quotes, invoices, orders etc.

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