Another Summit EMEA Presentation!

I’m really looking forward to Summit EMEA this year in Amsterdam. The event runs from 27th to 29th March in Amsterdam so you still have time to register ….

This will be my third Summit EMEA! The previous two were both excellent and I expect this one to be even better. This will be our second summit in Amsterdam and will be held on the amazing RAI in Amsterdam.

I have previously blogged about the presentations I’ll be doing! But I’m so busy I missed one ….. I’m actually giving two presentations about Unified Service Desk. Both on Wednesday 27th.

The first will be related to my USD Accelerator. That presentation will showcase the capabilities of USD and explain how it can integrate with Live Assist from CaféX and Intelli-CTI from QGate to provide omni-channel within USD. And along the way I’ll dip into many other areas of Dynamics 365. Including Field Service, Gamification and much more.

But what if you’re a developer or system customizer and you’d like to know a little more about how USD really works? Then my second presentation on Wednesday is for you.

USD in 60 Minutes

In this presentation I will explain why we need Unified Service Desk, how to install it and explain its architecture.

We’ll then look at the main components of USD followed by a live demonstration of how easy it is to build a USD application with no code.

And I’ll wrap up by giving a few tips I’ve learnt from the many Unified Service Desk implementations I’ve worked on.

Hopefully my first presentation will show you how powerful USD can be and this second presentation will show how easy it can be implemented.

Hopefully you can make it to Summit EMEA in Amsterdam this year. If you do please come and say hello  ….

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