The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Release History (2_0_0_3)


The USD Accelerator is a pre-build Unified Service Desk configuration aimed at helping speed your USD project.

This post will highlight the enhancements and bug fixes released in version 2_0_0_3 of The USD Accelerator.

Several of the new features and bug fixes will have been created because of feedback received from people using The USD Accelerator. I’d like to express a big thank you for that feedback, please keep it coming!

Note: This version of The USD Accelerator supports USD version 4.1.1246. 

You can find out more about The USD Accelerator here.

Date 8th April 2019
Version 2_0_0_3
USD Version USD 4.1.1246
Description Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Amongst the enhancements support for the Chrome process has been added.

Ability to warn agents if available memory is getting low.
If USD is run on a client machine with very low available memory it could become unreliable … this feature is designed to warn the agent if available memory is running low. (They could then opt to close tabs / applications or maybe it is time for a reboot!)

Several options effect how this feature operates ….

CheckMemory … set value to Y or N to enable / disable the memory check.

CheckMemory_MemoryLimit .. the memory limit in Bytes. Set to value to 900000 to warn when memory goes below 900Kb

CheckMemory_Milliseconds … how many seconds to wait between each check. Set value to 60000 to check once per minute

CheckMemory_NotificationTimeout … the length of time in seconds to show the memory warning notification for a value 30 is suggested.

Added a notification if USD had been open for a long time.
It is recommended that USD is left open no longer than 8 hours. This feature will prompt the agent to suggest a restart if USD is left open longer than “recommended”.

Several options effect how this feature operates ..

CheckUpTime_MilliSeconds …This is the length of time to wait between each check of the up time. (Default setting would be “600000”, meaning 10 minutes)

CheckUpTime_NotificationTimeout …This is the length of time the notification will remain on screen. (Default setting would be “30”, for 30 seconds.)

CheckUpTime_TimeLimit … Holds the number of minutes to have as the limit before an up time warning will be given. (Default is “480”, meaning 480 minutes or 8 hours.)

Added navigation for invoice and invoice detail.
The invoice entity if now supported, including opening of invoice lines.

The following option effects how this feature operates ..

An option called “UseInvoice” will need to be set to “Y” to enable invoice functionality.

Added phone call toolbar button to reset from, to and regarding fields.
I have seen that the regarding field may fail to update correctly, one reason for this is if occasionally the phone call form takes much longer than expected to load. Every effort has been made to minimise how often this can happen.

But in a worse case scenario, the user can click an icon to manually reset the phone call fields.

Updated version of Q-Gate Intelli-CTi. Now supports v4.1.
Q-Gate have released an updated version of their Intelli-CTi hosted control for USD. This latest version is included in the USD Accelerator.
Find actions replaced by navigate actions.
Using a navigate action allows for extra flexibility to create new records from search when needed.

Verification details (from verification canvas app) added to USD history.
The USD History will now include details of passed / failed verifications, how many questions were asked and any comments. This might be useful to help management to review comments on all failed verifications. As understanding failure reasons may help improve the verification process.

Sort order of announcements
Sort order in announcements canvas app changed to show ones ending soonest first. (Previously the sort order was random.)
Support for Chrome Process Hosting Type
Chrome is proving to be a faster and more reliable browser option. Alterations have been made to support Chrome with The USD Accelerator.

Note: Chrome Process is currently a preview feature of USD.

Added UCI settings to USD settings maintenance.
Now that UCI is supported with USD we have a capability to define which app is used when USD is loaded. This maintenance of this setting has been added to the USD settings maintenance within The USD Accelerator.

ShowLeadRegarding option added to load associated account and contact when lead session started. Ste this option to “Y” to enable.

Bug Fixes
Create lead agent script answer was missing from agent script history in USD history.
Batch mode could fail if auto-hide of global tabs was enabled.
Various combinations of contact verification and session types could result in incorrect agent script being displayed.
Lead, account and contact disable pre-fetch. (Doing this has made session start more reliable.)
All RunScript actions to be included in ExecuteOnDataAvailable as a sub-action. (Change implemented to support Chrome and add greater reliability.)
Save session logic wasn’t working with UCI.
Copy to context of contact’s URL fixed.

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