D365UG Birmingham – July 2019

Our next D365UG meeting in Birmingham is planned for July 17th …. Please come and join the fun.

We’ll be at our now regular venue of the Wesleyan Building. The presentations will start at 7pm but we encourage you to arrive early between 6pm and 6:30pm. As you can then join us for some fantastic networking time and most importantly our famous free buffet!

Networking and amazing free food are all well and good but what can you expect to learn at our latest event. Well, we have two great speakers plus me!

Leveraging Power BI with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

With the introduction of the Power Platform, an awareness of Power BI moves from being desirable to absolutely essential when building a truly unified and engaging business application solution. In this session, Joe Griffin will to provide a ‘crash course’ discussion on how and when to use Power BI with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, before then looking at the various options available to access D365CE data and streamline the adoption of your Power BI solution.

Dynamics 365 Portals – A must for every business

Our very own Imtiaz Hussain will give us an entertaining presentation covering Dynamics 365 portals.

Imtiaz’s presentation will highlight why Dynamics 365 portals are are a must for all companies. He’ll cover many portal related topics including selecting and provisioning the right portal and licensing.

Additionally, Imtiaz will demonstrate content authorisation and publishing. Including exposing Dynamics 365 CE entities and data to the portal, creating user journeys using wizard-style forms.

He’ll also cover how to brand your portal using Liquid templating to apply your corporate branding.

Omni-channel Enagagement Hub … maybe a USD killer??!

I will be showing a demonstration of the omni-channel engagement hub, which is a cool new feature from Microsoft. I have been working on a preview version of omni-channel engagement hub for a few weeks now and it is about to go on general release. But what is it and why is it cool??

The omni-channel engagement hub gives us chat, SMS and CDS communication channels in Dynamics 365. CDS! … this is the ability to “pop” new cases in front of contact center agents. Imagine a customer raises a high priority case on your portal and within seconds it is automatically routed to the next available agent.

Additionally, the omni-channel engagement hub includes a user interface tailored to the needs of contact center agents, it includes features like sessions that were only previously available with Unified Service Desk (USD). Does this make The omni-channel Engagement Hub a USD replacement???

Spoiler alert: I will also be showcasing a new version of my USD Accelerator that makes use of the omni-channel engagement hub. (Available for free download soon!)

Spaces are limited so please register (for free) now to avoid disappointment …

Register on meetup here or on D365UG here.

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