The USD Accelerator – Release V3.0


The USD Accelerator is a pre-built Unified Service Desk configuration aimed at helping speed your USD project.

This post will highlight the enhancements and bug fixes released in version 3_0_0_0 of The USD Accelerator.

Several of the new features and bug fixes will have been created because of feedback received from people using The USD Accelerator. I’d like to express a big thank you for that feedback, please keep it coming!

This version of The USD Accelerator supports USD version 4.1.1319, the version which is currently generally available. Other versions of USD “should” work correctly as required!

You can find out more about The USD Accelerator here.

Date 17th July 2019
Version 3_0_0_0
USD Version USD 4.1.1319
Description Various enhancements and bug fixes.

Amongst the enhancements support for the Omnichannel for Customer Service has been included.

Additionally support for QGate’s Paribus Interactive Search product has been included.

Support for Omnichannel for Customer Service
Microsoft’s omnichannel product is supported within The USD Accelerator. After you have installed and configured Omnichannel for Customer service simply select a USD configuration that included omnichannel. Meaning “The USD Accelerator (Omnichannel)” or “The USD Accelerator (Omnichannel and QGate)”.
Use the QGate version if you wish to also enable QGate’s Intell-CTi product!

Once enabled agents will have access to the omnichannel agent dashboard and will be able to accept chats generated within Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Canvas app added for phone call reminders
A canvas app has been created then when loaded will show any due or overdue call backs. Clicking on a phone call will start a session showing the phone call and related entity.
Note: Whilst this app works it should be noted that the performance can be slow. I will continue to attempt to improve the performance. Until then this should be considered a POC.

Several options control the use of this canvas app ….

ReminderCanvasApp …. Set this open to “Y” to enable the reminder canvas app.

ReminderCanvasApp_Popup …. Will popup the app each time all sessions are closers. (If any call backs exist). It is recommended that this option be set to “N”. (Until I have improved the app performance!)

ReminserCanvasAppID … This is the GUID of the canvas app. Each time a canvas app is imported into an instance it will have a unique app ID. You will need to find and copy your unique ID into this option to make the reminder app load.

Added ability to warn on session close

A UII option controls this session close behaviour. It is recommended that the “WarnCloseSession” option be set to “Y”. Set this to “N” to disable the close session prompt.

Updated style of birthday notifications
The style of the birthday notification has been improved to better fit with USD / Dynamics 365.

The birthday notification feature can be enabled / disabled using the “NotifyBirthday” option.

Updated style for credit hold notifications
If an account or contact is opened who is on credit hold a notification can be shown. The style of this notification has been improved to better reflect the latest Dynamics interface.

The credit hold notification feature can be enabled / disabled using the “NotifyCreditHold” option.

Added opportunity show regarding option
When an opportunity is loaded its regarding contact and account will be automatically loaded. To enable this feature the “ShowOpportunityRegarding” option must be set to “Y”.
Supports USD version
The USD Accelerator now ships with Unified Service Desk v4.1.1.1319, the current version.
Note: Later versions (as they become available) are expected to work! But the V3 package deployer will install this version as installing the USD Accelerator.

The USD Accelerator v3 has not been tested with earlier versions of USD!

Paribus Interactive Support
Paribus Interactive is a product from QGate. You can use the link below to find out about it;

Paribus Interactive uses a cloud service to provide enhanced searching capabilities, including “fuzzy search” logic. It can also aid duplicate detection.

Paribus Interactive can now be used to search for contacts, leads and accounts in The USD Accelerator.

To use Paribus Interactive search, firstly simply install Paribus Interactive search from QGate. See, QGate’s website for details and additionally request a free trial!

Once Paribus Interactive is working within your Dynamics instance you simple use the “QGateParibus” option to enable it.

Rename Case Entity
It is already possible to have alternative names for account, contact and lead entities. This functionality has been extended to include cases. Simply use the “NameCase” and “NameCases” options to define the singular and plural names you’d like to use.
Search existing Cases
When trying to resolve a case we can already search the knowledge base and even trigger a bing / google search. An additional option has been added to also help you search existing cases.
The search capability means that related cases can be opened into another tab. Allowing the agent to continue working on the current case whilst reviewing old cases for tips on how to resolve the current instance of an issue.

For this feature to be enabled the “SearchExistingCases” option must be set to “Y”.

Once enabled , on the case navigation toolbar a search cases option will appear.

Now a case search tab will open in your session, any cases opened from this tab will show in a related cases tab. Meaning the current active case can stay open whilst the agent reviews old related cases for resolution ideas.

View Org Charts in tabs
On the account entity we have options to view the hierarchy charts or org charts relating to the account. Previously these would not open in The USD Accelerator!

Now selecting these chart options will open the chart in a separate tab.(As shown below)

Multiple Forms Support
AN earlier version of USD meant that the multiple forms control was not supported with the Chrome or Edge browsers. At that time multiple form support was removed from The USD Accelerator. Multiple forms now work correctly and are supported on the following tabs;

  • Websites
  • Feedback
  • Competitors
  • Related Cases
  • USD History

For these tabs you can open multiple records and quickly swap from page to page.

Below you can see an example of this on the websites tab. Opening multiple webpages provides a drop down and the agent can swap from page to page. Additionally an “x” is added to the navigation toolbar. Clicking this will close the current page but leave the others open. (If the last page open is closed the tab will close!)

Bug Fixes
Included Chrome related options to avoid USD crashing
Removed actions not used
Send email agent script on case fixed
Show outside feature didn’t work with new UI
6th Intranet (websites) wasn’t displaying correctly
CafeX control updated to work with Chrome Process
And many more!!



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