Free Dynamics 365 Training – Please circulate!



We are all being adversely effected by the Coronavirus, unfortunately many people may find themselves out of work or with theirs jobs at risk. As normality returns significant numbers of people could need to seek new jobs. For someone, unfortunately, returning to their old careers may be difficult.

But whilst this is happening the IT industry continues to have a major skills shortage.

With this landscape in mind now might be an excellent opportunity for you to consider learning a new skill. I’m a Dynamics 365 consultant with many years’ experience and I can honestly say it is a fascinating product to work with. Being a low code / no code environment you can learn everything needed without being a technical geek.

I am considering how I might play my small part to help with this Coronavirus emergency …. I’m a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer. I’m not a key worker who can offer essential immediate help. But just maybe I can help you learn a new skill that when normality returns could prove useful. And if you are stuck at home learning a new skill might be a positive distraction!

I plan to organise free online training to help people learn Dynamics 365. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer my intention will be to present a training course for the MB-200 exam. It will then be up to you if you want to progress to the exam or not! MB-200 is the core exam for anyone wanting to learn about Dynamics 365 and a great starting point for your Dynamics 365 career.

I am looking for a small group of people who might benefit from learning this new skill.

I’m based in the UK so you MUST be able to attend live online training in the UK time zone. (The training will also be in English!)

The full course normally takes around 5 days when given a class room. As face to face learning isn’t an option I plan to run this as an online course. I do have a day job! But I can free up one day per week for the next five weeks. Meaning I can present parts of the MB-200 course each Friday for the next 5 weeks.

If you know someone who would benefit please forward my details to them or if you feel this might something you’ll benefit from please reach out. Please send me your name and email address plus a few details about yourself. Numbers will be limited! I may therefore need to select people who will find this training the most transformational. My email address is

UPDATE: Due to the high response I have had I will send out a survey to everyone who responds in the next couple of days. I will be doing this to help ensure I focus on the people with the greatest need.

Assuming I receive a positive and quick response, the first session will be Friday 27th March.


I am looking for people who want to start a new career in Dynamics 365! If you are already a Dynamics professional looking to update your existing skills then this training is not for you. (Sorry!) But if you have suddenly found yourself out of work or are worried about your current position, then this training might be perfect for you.

Additional call to action:

I am reasonably well followed on LinkedIn and Twitter but I assume most of my followers are already working with Microsoft technologies. If you read this and know someone who might benefit please forward my details!

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