D365UG “Birmingham” – Oct 28th Event Update

Our next D365UG will be on 28th October at 5pm. As is the norm these days it will be a virtual event meaning all Dynamics 365 fans can join. This time we are experimenting with our format …. continue reading to find out more.

I have already mentioned that we plan to make the presentations shorter. As “just maybe” some people are getting a little weary attending long webinars! And how we’ll try to keep the event as interactive as possible giving you an opportunity to ask questions and engage with the speakers.

As always our events are open to everyone and you have two ways to register ….

  • You can register on D365UG.com here.
  • Or you can register on meetup.com here.

“But wait there’s more” ….

After our “happy hour” of Dynamics 365 presentations we will also host a free to join quiz.

After our presentations, we hope you’ll stay with us to socialise and share your anecdotes on what you’ve been up to? Our community friends have organised a light-hearted ‘Pub quiz’, with a few Surprises and some great Prizes.

Just stay with us on the Teams video conference, arm yourself with your tipple of choice (or cup of tea) and we’ll talk you through launching ahaslides.com/D365UG on your Phone or Tablet when we start the show.

This will be a light hearted quiz with a variety of questions. Sadly we won’t focus on Dynamics 365, this isn’t exam prep it’s a fun quiz. Sorry!!

I’d say it won’t be competitive but a few D365 MVP’s and a Quiz (with prizes) … !!!!

Spaces for the quiz will be limited to 50 people. To avoid disappointment please register now for our event and fun quiz ….

  • You can register on D365UG.com here.
  • Or you can register on meetup.com here.

I guess I should remind you of our agenda ….

Intro / news (10 mins)

We’ll kick off with a pretty quick introduction session and maybe cover any news about other upcoming D365UG events.

What Languages do you speak?? (15 mins)

In this digital / virtual world our customers are spread over a wider geographic area. I don’t know about you but I don’t own a “Babel Fish”??

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans will know that a Babel fish is a small yellow fish that feeds on brain energy and when inserted into your ear will act as a real time translator.

In this short demo Neil Parkhurst (aka me) will show you a great new feature in Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service, “Babel Fish like” language translations. I can now chat in any language just like they do in science fiction books!

Supporting Dynamics Own the Desktop (35 mins) – How Vonage is Delivering Enterprise Contact Centre Functionality Natively within Dynamics

Vonage is a leading provider of cloud communications including contact centre, unified communications and API communications. Vonage contact centre is recognised as leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant with proven delivery across multiple sectors. Vonage has recently launched its native Dynamics 365 experience within the Customer Service and Sales Hub.

Vonage will be delivering a live demonstration of the product natively in Dynamics covering: email/web to case routing directly in Dynamics and inbound call logic including self-service with the ability to read back information from the case in Dynamics. The solution demonstration will also cover CTI functionality screen-pop, logging and reporting within Dynamics.

Did I mention you should register now?????

  • You can register on D365UG.com here.
  • Or you can register on meetup.com here.

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