D365UG “Birmingham” – Dec 9th Event

Dec 9th

Our next D365UG event will be on December 9th at 5:30pm. This will be our last event of 2020, so register now for possibly your last Dynamics 365 fix this year.

Last time we tried a slightly shorter format, that seemed to go down well. So this time we plan to repeat the same format. With just two presentations. One main one and a short taster presentation. Also we’ll kick off at 5:30pm. So after work but maybe before your exciting lockdown evening begins. (Did I just use the phrases exciting and lockdown in one sentence!!)

Register now ….

  • You can register on meetup.com here.
  • Or on D365UG.com here.

“Obviously” this will be another virtual event. The advantage of which is everyone is welcome. Last time our friends from the Birmingham area joined us but also many people from further away. (Including people from Spain and Canada!)

So can you expect this time …..

Introductions / News (10 mins)
A short introduction and maybe some news about upcoming events etc.

Custom Case Resolution Dialog (15 mins)

Our taster presentation … how many people track billable time against cases?? Not many but the billable time on case resolution is a mandatory field. Therefore, for years it has been a frequent request for customizers to be able to tailor the case resolution dialog. Previously we had to resort to unsupported hacks. So it is really exciting that we can now customize the case resolution dialog. In this short demo I will show how we can easily remove that “annoying” billable time field!

Azure Boards: The Other Side of DevOps
(35 mins)

Tricia Sinclair … this session provides a brief overview of Azure DevOps features before delving into a deep dive of azure boards. The aim of this session is to show how each member of a development team can utilise Azure DevOps effectively within a project.

I’m really looking forward to Tricia’s session. Partly as I know she’s an entertaining presenter but also because in these times of home working anything that helps us organise the efforts of our development teams is essential.

After the session, we hope you’ll stay with us to socialise and share your anecdotes on what you’ve been up to? If you wish, open a virtual can of beer (or real cup of tea) and chill out with your Dynamics 365 friends.

See you soon. Register now ….

  • You can register on meetup.com here.
  • Or on D365UG.com here.

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