MB 600 – D365UG Study Group

If like me you are preparing for the Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Solution Architect exam ….. you might want to join this MB 600 study group that is being hosted by D365UG.

Almost nobody “enjoys” preparing for exams! But learning is critical to our working life so anything that might help you prepare for your MB 600 exam might be a bonus.

You can join our panel as they cover a fresh topic each week. Plus you can ask questions and gain support as needed. We’ve run these study groups before and I believe many people have found them beneficial.

Essentially we will use my MB 600 revision guide to help support each session. You can find my revision guide here. (But we will go off at tangents and maybe dive deeper into some topics as requested.)

Our team of moderators are all seasoned Power Platform experts and very active in the Dynamics 365 community. I think at least three of our panel have received the prestigious annual D365UG “All Star” award for contributions to the Dynamics 365 community. Plus several are Microsoft MVPs and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT). This “dream team” should be very well placed to collectively answer any question which might arise. Our little band includes;

  • Beth Burrell (MCT),
  • Heidi Neuhauser,
  • Todd Mercer,
  • Kylie Kiser (MVP),
  • Peter Gulka,
  • Nick Doelman (MCT & MVP),
  • Malcom McAuley,
  • And also me …. Neil Parkhurst (MCT & MVP)

These webinars are free to attend all you need is a D365UG profile.

The webinars will be recorded. But in order to access the recorded content, you will need to be a D365UG membership.

Week one was last week! So you might have missed that one … but you can still register for as many of the future sessions as possible. It really doesn’t matter if you can’t make every week. Just join as few or as many of the webinars as you can.

Hopefully you can join us for at least some of these study sessions. And  I wish you all the luck with your exam and look forward to hearing you’ve passed ….

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