MB-230: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Revision Guide

I have been completing a series of posts to help people prepare for the MB 230 certification (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service). Here is a collection of links to all of those posts. I hope these might serve as a useful revision aid for the MB 230 exam.

The MB 230 certification is not easy! I guess because customer service is a big topic covering many aspects of your “CRM” system. Including the ability to raise tickets (aka cases) but also how to automate the processes around those cases. We also have additional topics such as Omnichannel which cover how we engage with our customers. And then (of course) we’ll need to understand how to report on service metrics.

Note: This guide is a work in-progress, please keep checking back for updates.


Customer Service Overview

Manage cases and Knowledge Management
Create and manage cases · configure cases

· manage case lists

· create and search for case records

· convert activities to cases

· perform case resolution

· implement parent/child cases

· merge cases

· set autonumbering for customer service entities

Configure and automate cases · implement Advanced Similarity rules

· implement record creation and update rules

· implement case routing rules

· customize the Case Resolution form

· configure Status Reason transitions

· configure business process flows

· capture customer feedback by using Customer Voice

Implement Knowledge Management · configure the Knowledge Search control

· link an article with a case

· use Knowledge Management to resolve cases

· manage the Knowledge Management article lifecycle

· manage Knowledge management articles

· configure entities for Knowledge Management

· manage Knowledge article templates

· implement Knowledge Search

· enable Relevance Search

· configure categories and subjects

· convert cases to knowledge articles

Revision Guides

Case Management – Part One

Case Management – Part Two

Case Automation – Part One

Case Automation – Part Two

Knowledge Management

Customer Voice

Manage queues, entitlements, and service-level agreements
Create and manage queues · describe use cases for each queue type

· configure queues

· add cases and activities to queues

· configure entities for queues

· perform queue operations

Create and manage entitlements · configure entitlements

· define and create entitlements

· manage entitlement templates

· activate and deactivate entitlements

· renew or cancel an entitlement

Create and manage SLAs · define and create service-level agreements (SLAs)

· configure SLA settings

· configure a holiday schedule

· configure a customer service schedule

· implement actions by using Power Automate

· manage cases that are associated with SLAs

· manually apply an SLA

· create and manage SLA items

Revision Guides




Implement scheduling
Manage resources · configure business closures

· configure organizational units

· configure resources

· configure work hours

· configure facilities and equipment

Manage Services · define services· schedule a service activity

· configure fulfilment preferences

· create a schedule board

· schedule a service activity by using the schedule board

Revision Guides

Overview of Scheduling

Scheduling Config / Setup

Resources and Services

Scheduling  – Schedule Board

Scheduling – Advanced Scheduling Concepts

Implement Omnichannel for Customer Service
Deploy Omnichannel for Customer Service
· provision Omnichannel for Customer Service

· define user settings

· configure application setting

· manage queues

· configure skills-based routing

Implement Power Virtual Agents
· describe Power Virtual Agents components and concepts

· integrate Power Virtual Agents with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

· escalate conversations to a live agent

Manage channels · describe use cases for the Channel Integration Framework

· configure channels

· enable the chat widget on websites

· configure pre-chat surveys

· configure proactive chat

· configure Secure Message Service (SMS)

Distribute work
· describe difference between entity routing and channel routing

· configure work streams

· configure entity routing

· configure routing values

· implement context variables

Configure the agent experience
· create macros

· define agent scripts

· configure Quick Responses

· configure sessions and applications

· configure notifications

Configure the supervisor experience
· configure Omnichannel Insights dashboard

· configure intraday insights

· customize KPIs for intraday insights

· enable sentiment analysis

Revision Guides

Omnichannel Overview

Configure Webchat

Omnichannel Agent Experience

<<Omnichannel Supervisor Experience>>

<<Configure Message channels>>

Record Routing

<<Power Virtual Agents>>

<<Agent Scripts / Macros>>

Manage analytics
Configure Customer Service Insights · describe capabilities and use cases for Customer Service Insights dashboards

· connect to Customer Service Insights

· manage workspaces

Create and configure visualizations
· configure interactive dashboards

· design and create charts

· design reports by using the Design wizard

Revision Guides

<<Customer Service Insights>>

<<Customer Service Visualizations>>

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