D365PPUG Birmingham – Feb Event Video

During Feb’s Birmingham user group event Mike Chappell gave an informative presentation around Synapse Link.

Warning: Mike did suffer some demo gremlins. Afterwards he found out he was just not being patient enough. Goes to prove all good things come to those who wait!

Anyway, Mike gave a great demo that many people have asked to be able to watch again. So please enjoy this video …

One thought on “D365PPUG Birmingham – Feb Event Video

  1. I make a comment at the end about how great it would be to have the security tables available in Synapse.

    They are, I’ve found Team, TeamMembership, SystemUser, BusinessUnit, Role, UserSecurityRole even PrincipalObjectAccess so it’s quite possible to re-invent the wheel.

    I’d still like the option for that to happen automagically, maybe in a view though!


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