Customer Service Workspace – Presence Issue

Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service is fantastic … but if like me you have had a problem with the agent presence in the Customer Service Workspace app just spinning and spinning you might have a problem to resolve!

When we load the customer service workspace app the first thing that happens is the agent’s presence is set. Whilst this happens, we see spinning timer. But occasionally rather than spinning for a few seconds and connecting I have seen it spin and spin and spin!

The first thing you might want to check are the solutions suggested in Microsoft. So I have included a link to their trouble shooting page below.

You can see that known problems can include cookies being blocked, consent not being granted, incorrect security roles or the agents omnichannel capacity settings not being set.

But on at least two occasions I have checked all these things and still had an issue. In my examples a solution had just been deployed from the development environment that included my customer service workspace app profile. And in both examples, I have seen this deployment overwrite some settings!

The Solution!

The problem seems to be that the Channel Integration Framework settings for Omnichannel can be corrupted.

So .. you need to locate the “omnichannel” CFI settings. These are in the table “Channel Integration Framework v2.0 Providers”.

Note: v2.0 providers NOT v1.0!!

Clicking results will show me “omnichannel”

If we open the “omnichannel” CIF v2.0 settings, the field that I found to be wrong is the channel URL.

My channel URL looked something like this ….[[My org unique Name]] [[myorgurl]]

As the URL included the unique org name and the URL for the environment. I think when the deployment is made from dev into production my production URL is overwritten with the details from dev.

So, you simply needed to update the URL to include the correct details for your production system.

Tip: to make life easier I copied my channel URL into NotePad, made my changes and pasted back the corrected version!!

If you aren’t sure of your environments unique name. Open advanced settings and the in customizations you will find developer resources. As shown below.

After I saved this change, I opened my customer service workspace and it immediately connected with the correct presence as expected.

If you see an issue with presence not connecting in the customer service workspace and you have already tried the known issues listed on the Microsoft site. You might want to check your channel URL. As correcting this has fixed problems for me twice now. Enjoy!

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