Omnichannel for Customer Search – Canvas App for Custom Search

Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service gives us many of the contact centre features we require out of the box. But in all projects “extra” requirements will surface that need a custom approach. In this blog post and video, I will discuss how we can customize the customer service workspace interface using canvas apps.

In my projects I have often seen two requirements which need thought …

As a “agent”
I need to search using name AND postcode
So that I can quickly find contacts

As a “agent”
I need to verify I am speaking the correct person
So that I quickly proceed to helping the customer

Both requirements sound simple!

Expect in Dynamics 365 we can only search with one field at once. And also, the UI needed to verify the correct customer has been located may need a tailored approach.

Historically I have proposed a code-based solution to these challenges. But instead …. I have been experimenting with a canvas app.

In the following video I will demo my proof-of-concept solution. And then explain how I load a canvas app during my web chat or voice call conversations. And how we can get the canvas app to load the correct contact and automatically link it to the conversation.

Almost no code was required! Ok, a couple of lines. But that feels quite reasonable to me ….

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