Omnichannel for Customer Service – Collection

Omnichannel for Customer Service

Omnichannel for Customer Service provides omnichannel capabilities for Dynamics 365. Giving us web chat, SMS, voice and more directly within Dynamics 365.

Other related functionality includes Unified Routing to intelligently allocate work items to agents and also the Customer Service Workspace which gives agents a multi-session UI. And not forgetting Power Virtual Agents that can be used as voice IVRs or webchat BOTs.

Since the launch of Omnichannel I have often blogged about its capabilities. In this post I will create a collection of links to all of my posts concerning Omnichannel and its related technologies.



Overviews / Theory

In this section I will include any posts that cover general theory about Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Title Summary Date
Introduction Omnichannel for Customer Service, my initial thoughts. May 2019
Video Demo Omnichannel for Customer Service – Video demo. May 2019
Omnichannel Entities What entities re used to hold omnichannel chat data Nov 2019
Migrate to Omnichannel Admin Center In this post I explain how to migrate workstreams from the original Omnichannel Administration app to the newer admin center June 2021


Social Channels

In this section I will list any posts specific to working with social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and more.

Title Summary Date
Facebook A video demo of creating a Facebook app to enable conversations with Omnichannel Jan 2020
Twitter In this post I explain how to configure Twitter with Omnichannel for Customer Service. June 2020
Microsoft Teams In this post I explain how we can integrate Omnichannel for Customer Service with Microsoft Teams June 2020
WhatsApp (Twilio) In this post I describe out to configure WhatsApp December 2020


SMS Channel

In this section I will describe the setup of SMS.

Title Summary Date
SMS In this post I explain the customer experience and setup process for the SMS channel. July 2020
SMS – Twilio In this post I describe out to configure the SMS channel, but this time using Twilio November 2020
Outbound Messages (SMS) An example of sending an outbound message via SMS. December 2020



In this section I will list any posts connected with webchat.

Title Summary Date
Web chat (pick method) In this post I explain how to configure the web chat channel and work stream to use a cherry pick approach to work distribution. October 2020
Reconnect How to reconnect chats October 2020
Proactive Chats What-if we want to proactively prompt the customer to start a chat? July 2021



Voice is obviously a key channel, so any posts about voice calling will be included here.

Title Summary Date
Voice Channel Demo A video demo of the voice channel in action. February 2022
Outbound Calling An explanation of how to configure and use outbound calling. April 2022
IVR In this post I explain how to use a Power Virtual Agent as an IVR BOT. April 2022

Overflow v2

In this post I describe how to handle overflow and out of hours situations. Oct 2022
Interruptible BOTs Sometimes we want to ensure the customer hears certain messages in full. In this post I explain how to control when a BOT can be interrupted. May 2022
IVR Skills Routing In this post I describe how we can implement skills-based routing based on data collected in the IVR BOT. May 2022
Emergency Situations In this post I explain one approach we could implement to handle emergency situations. It also serves as an example of how an IVR BOT can call a Flow to query the Dataverse. May 2022


Agent Productivity

Here I will show any posts connected with agent productivity.

Often there may be an overlap between agent production and the interface they use. So also check the customer service workspace section!

Title Summary Date
Masking Data Masking data in Omnichannel for Customer Service. Nov 2019
Chat Transcripts How do chat transcripts work? Nov 2019
Agent Scripts and Macros An explanation of how agent scripts can be combined with macros to aid agent productivity. May 2020
Video and Voice Calls In this post I explain how to configure video and voice call escalation. May 2020
Skills Based Routing AND Virtual Agents In this video I show a complex routing example, making use of skills-based routine and a virtual agent June 2020
Notifications In this post I explain the options we have to configure notifications as conversations arrive (and more). June 2020
Session Templates In this post I explain how to create a custom session template and custom application tab. July 2020
Co-browse This post (and video) will explain how to use and configure the co-browse capability with your web chat. August 2020
Post chat surveys In this post I complete a review of the new post chat survey capability August 2020
Slugs Use data parameters (slugs) to add automatons into your macros and agent scripts. August 2020
Geo Locations See your customer’s location by enabling geo locations with Bing maps. August 2020
Translations Real-time chat translations explained. September 2020
Quick Replies Quick replies and automated messages explained. September 2020
Sound Notifications How to create sound notifications for your agents. November 2020
Insights Dashboards An overview of how to setup Omnichannel insights dashboards and what information is included. January 2021
Simplify Navigation In this post I explain how to enable simplified navigation in Omnichannel for Customer Service or Customer Service Workspace April 2021
Teams chat A demo of how to chat with other agents using Teams December 2021
Conversation Category Allow agents to add a category to conversations May 2022
Canvas App for Custom Search In this post I show a video of how we can use a canvas app in the customer service workspace to support a bespoke customer search July 2022


Power Virtual Agents

Power virtual agents give us a low code approach to creating intelligent BOTs that might be used in web chat scenarios or maybe as an IVR for voice calls.

Title Summary Date
PVA and Omnichannel Power Virtual Agents and Omnichannel
January 2020
Pass pre-chat survey details to virtual agent A description of how we can pass pre-chat survey questions into a Power Virtual Agent. August 2021
BOTs that don’t understand!
Often you might have a BOT which repeatedly says “I don’t understand” or the customer repeatedly answers a question “incorrectly”. In this post I explain how we can use a fallback topic to transfer to a human when the BOT can’t work out the customer’s intent.
June 2021


Unified Routing

Unified Routing is a powerful tool to distribute work items (and conversations) to our agents.

Title Summary Date
Voice Channel Demo A video demo of the voice channel in action.
February 2022
Routing Diagnostics In this post I explain how we can use routing diagnostics July 2021
Machine Learning
Use machine learning to route cases intelligently.
October 2021
Routing without Omnichannel Unified Routing without Omnichannel! How to “just” route records. (Can also be done with Omnichannel!!) October 2021
Custom Assignment Logic In this post I show an example of how we can use a custom assignment rule to allocate records based on the owner field. June 2022
Route with Sentiment Route conversations using predicted sentiment August 2022


Customer Service Workspace

Here I will include any posts that relate to the customer service workspace. (Which is out multi-session interface used in conjunction with Omnichannel.)

Title Summary Date
Customer Service Workspace
Customer Service Workspace – App Profile Manager, Session templates and more!
April 2021
Customer Service Workspace – API (Video) A video showing how we can use JavaScript to control the agent experience in multi-session situations. June 2021
Macro to create a case How to create a macro that will not only create a case but also save it and link it to your conversation January 2022
Having problems moving app profiles using a solution?? If so then this blog post might be for you!
February 2022
Email Macro How to create a macro to open an email based on a template. February 2022
Presence Issue If you are having problems with the presence not updating in Customer Service Workspace, then this post might give you the answer! June 022


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