Customer Service Workspace – Enhanced Interface

Microsoft’s Customer Service Workspace provides a user interface for Dynamics 365 tailored to scenarios often found in contract centres. Meaning agents can jump from conversation to conversation in sessions and use the productivity panel to quickly resolve customer queries. It is already a great interface! But Microsoft plan to enhance it with the 2022 Wave 2 release of Dynamics 365. In this post I take a quick look at the new interface.

This is the current interface! Notice that sessions are displayed vertically, and tabs show horizontally. Plus my navigation to “Home” (global) tabs is in the left panel.

This is great! But it will be common to enable the productivity panel on the right-hand side of the screen. (Not shown above.) And also, maybe have a voice or web chat conversation panel open on the left-hand side of the screen. By this point the remaining space to display your contact and case tabs might be “pretty small”.

The new interface addresses this by changing the navigation to have the sessions and tabs displayed horizontally.

You can see below my sessions and tabs now display horizontally. And even though I also have a web chat conversation panel open I have enough screen space remaining to effectively work on my contact and case records.

Also notice that I can also still navigate to global tabs and use the “waffle icon” to open other tabs. Again, this is horizontal. So again, saving on valuable screen space.

My first impressions are that Microsoft have done a good job of improving the interface. Everything still behaves as it did before, and it took me no time at all to become comfortable with this change.

Enabling the new interface!

The new interface is not enabled by default. (Yet.) I guess because it is still a preview feature.

Once you have enabled the 2022 Wave 2 features you will still need to activate this change.

To do that, you load your customer workspace app in a browser. Then press F12 to open the developer tools. And paste the following command into the console.


Afterwards you will need to refresh your browser tab to see the new enhanced experience. (Tip: I had to refresh a couple of times for some reason. So be patient.)

You can read how to enable this feature here …

As this is still a preview feature you might want to avoiding applying this change in production. But I do suggest you try it out in a sandbox. I like this new interface, great job Microsoft. Enjoy.

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