About Me


I have worked in IT for 30+ years with a focus on Dynamics CRM since 2007. I have implemented every version of CRM since v3.0. Collecting well over 20 Microsoft certifications along the way!


NP Dynamics Ltd has been formed, allowing me to operate on a freelance basis. Offering services including training, general consultancy and of course helping people make the most of Unified Service Desk. If you’d like to discuss how I might help your organisations please email me at neil.parkhurst@npdynamics.com


The USD Accelerator is available for free download from my blog. The USD Accelerator has been created to help companies gain a quicker ROI from USD.


My efforts in the Dynamics community were recognised in October 2016 when I gained my first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award.


In April 2017 I was delighted to be awarded a Gold Award by Discover CRM for my blog being the Best Independent CRM Blog.