Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Three Stage SLA

Out of the box it is pretty easy to create a two stage SLA with Dynamics 365. This is great as often we have a need for a service level agreement that relates to “First Response By” and “Resolve By”. But occasionally a requirement comes up for a third stage to our SLA, typically something like “Resolution Planned By”. I recently needed to configure exactly this for a customer and thought it might be useful to document the process.

Dynamics 365 Outlook App – Control which entities that can be set regarding

I recently got asked a simple question but one I didn’t immediately know the answer for! As I had to research the answer I thought a blog post might help anyone who is presented with a similar question. That being …. “In the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook we can track emails as being regarding a standard set of entities. What if we want a remove entities from this list or add custom ones?”.

Universal Resource Scheduling

I have commonly used the schedule board with Dynamics 365 Field Service or Project Service to schedule work orders or project tasks. But recently I’ve had a couple of requirements to schedule custom entities. This is possible using Universal Resource Scheduling. (URS) In this post I’ll explain my initial experiments with URS, if you are considering making use of URS then hopefully the information here may be of use.


I recently gave a short presentation about Gamification at a D365UG event in Birmingham. As part of my preparation I recorded my presentation, so everyone can watch it.