Other CRM Blogs

Obviously I’m not the only person with a CRM blog. Shock!

Here are a few links to people more talented than me, many of them are fellow MVPs ….

Microsoft’s USD Blog

Adam Vero

Aileen Gusni

Andre Margono

Ben Hosk

Carsten Groth

Christopher Cognetta

CRM Tip of The Day


David Berry

David Yack

Deepesh Somani

Dipankar Bhattacharya

Donna Edwards

Feridun Kadir

Feridun Kadir (Knowledgebase)

Gareth Tucker

Guido Preite

Gustaf Westerlund

Jason Cosman

Joe Gill


Jason Lattimer

Leon Tribe

Michal Abraham


Scott Durow

Srikanth Alluri (Friend and fellow USD fan!)

Wayne Walton

And not forgetting the company I work for ….