MB2-710 – Introduction

This is the first post in a series I intend to create around the MB2-710 certification. (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Deployment.) I will try to make these posts detailed enough for the CRM novice to gain the required knowledge whilst still informative enough for the experts out there to use my posts as revision guides.

Field Service – User Guide

Here I will give a collection of links to my various posts on Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Collectively these posts should provide you with a detailed user guide, you could think of this post as a “book” on Field Service.

Field Service – Agreements

Field Servic for Microsoft Dynamics CRM contains a feature that allows for the creation of agreements, which can then be used to automatically schedule work orders for routine maintenance. In this post I will explain the concepts connected with agreements.

Field Service – Customer Equipment

Field Service, part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, contains the ability to create customer equipment. (Described as customer assets.) This can be useful when needing to record what equipment is installed at a customer’s location and helps when planning routine maintenance. In this post I will explain the concepts involved with customer equipment.