SLA – Recalculate on reactivation of cases

I have blogged a few times about capabilities around service level agreements (SLAs) within Dynamics 365 Customer Service! This time I plan to cover a specific requirement that frequently arises …. as we often need to understand the impact on our SLA when re-opening a resolved case.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service SLAs and Cloud Flows

Within Dynamics 365 we can use SLAs in the customer service app. Each SLA item can trigger a Power Automate Cloud Flow to complete any actions we wish to implement when a warning, failure, or success status is reached. This is great but I’ve found maintaining the Flows can become cumbersome. In this post I will explain an alternative approach.

MB-230: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Omnichannel Record Routing

I am currently revising for the MB-230 exam. This exam is for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and covers all aspects of customer service. As I revise I plan to publish blog posts that collectively will become a complete revision guide for anyone embarking on the same journey as me. In this post I will describe the record routing options of Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Three Stage SLA

Out of the box it is pretty easy to create a two stage SLA with Dynamics 365. This is great as often we have a need for a service level agreement that relates to “First Response By” and “Resolve By”. But occasionally a requirement comes up for a third stage to our SLA, typically something like “Resolution Planned By”. I recently needed to configure exactly this for a customer and thought it might be useful to document the process.