JavaScript and Business Rules

I haven’t blogged about JavaScript or code changes for some time! Probably because in Microsoft Dynamics 365 I mainly use a low code approach these days. But today I had a small challenge with some code and thought the solution I found might be useful to others ….. my challenge was that my business rules weren’t being triggered after a field had been changed using JavaScript.

USD – IsUSD (Alternative Approach)

I love it when I’m asked fantastic questions! Recently someone reported a problem whilst using the window.IsUSD command. If you don’t know this is a JavaScript command we can use to see if our code is being run within USD or not. In this post I’ll describe an alternative approach.

Default Appointment Duration

Recently someone sent me a LinkedIn message! They had a question about how to change the default duration on appointments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 from 30 mins to 1 hour. I love questions so here is my answer ….

JavaScript – OData Query

Whilst adding JavaScript to forms in Dynamics 365 we often use OData to query data. But what is OData and how do you write JavaScript to query data? I will try to address these questions in this post.