Task Flows

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 we have two types of Business Process Flows available, the “classic” ones we’ve had for sometime and the slightly newer concept of task flows. Task flows are utilised within the mobile client and are quite different to other business flows. In this post, I will review how task flows work and how they compare to “classic” business process flows.

USD – Custom Branding

A new feature with Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk 2.2 is the ability for developers to modify the login and splash screen to apply your own name / branding. In this post I will look at this concept, I work for a company called Crimson. So by way of an example I will show how I’ve altered my USD application to have their branding.

USD – SetLanguage Action

In Unified Service Desk (USD) we have an action called “SetLanguage” but what does this action do and when might you use it? When someone first pointed this action out I could only find very limited information. In this post I hope to give a full explanation of the SetLanguage feature.