The USD Accelerator – Download


To help make getting up and running with The USD Accelerator an easy process I have created a packagedeployer.


You can download The USD Accelerator (Unified Client Interface Version) from the link below;

The USD Accelerator

Running the packgedeployer should be simple! Just extract the contents of the zip file (see note below) and run the deployer.

This version of The USD Accelerator will install USD v4.0.

Important Note: Before you run the packagedeployer create a suitable trial or sandbox instance of Dynamics 365. This should not include USD or any configuration, the packagedeployer will install everything for you. (Any existing USD config will clash with the The USD Accelerator and must be removed before attempting an install.)

Important Note: Before extracting the packagedeployer you must unblock some content. Simply right click on the zip file and select the “unblock” option.


Note: Additionally you will need version 3.3 of the USD client or later. You can download that from Microsoft’s site as required.

The USD Accelerator is a pretty big config. Which will mean the first import could take some time. Hopefully the wait it worth the effort! (I find it typically takes around 40 minutes.)

You can also download The USD Accelerator (Web Client Version) from the link below;

The USD Accelerator

Note: I am no longer maintaining the web client version of The USD Accelerator, I suggest you use the UCI version!

User Settings
After you install The USD Accelerator it maybe a good idea to grant yourself System Admin access. As this then displays the debugger, best practice analyzer, USD config and technical guide options. I will add some instructions here soon!

To so this simply add a User Settings called “SystemAdmin” with a value of “True”. You can find more details concerning user settings here.

Live Assist Install
You may not need Live Assist from CaféX …. but if you do first install Live Assist (without selecting the install USD option), then you simply need to assign users to one of the configurations in The USD Accelerator that supports Live Assist..

You can find more about Live Assist here.

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