The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Admin Features

In this section …

  • Admin Options
  • The Debugger
  • USD Configuration
  • Best Practice Analyzer
  • Technical Guide
  • User Settings

Are you a USD developer or support technician? Then this section is for you!

Admin Options

Admin options are available to specific users, via a user setting. (SystemAdmin)

The cog icon / menu gives you access to an about window, debugger, the best practice analyser and the technical guide.

The about option, as you might expect simply displays details of your USD version and other useful pieces of information.


USD does contains a debugger which is very useful. But you might not wish to offer this option to all users, maybe you don’t want them creating and running ad-hoc actions! The USD Accelerator handles this by only showing the debugger to user who have a user options of “SystemAdmin”.

Additionally we may want to review and tweak your USD configuration whilst debugging. This is supported in The USD Accelerator by the addition of a USD configuration option in the debugger.

Two icons have been added as a navigation toolbar. The first allows you to move the debugger to different panels. (Tip, moving to a floating panel is really useful.) Next you can access USD settings from the USD icon.

Clicking on the USD option will display hosted controls in a tab. It can be accessed from the debugger or from the about menu.

It provides a menu option to access any of the USD entities. You should understand that changing items here will only take effect when you re-load USD. Or use the refresh option Microsoft have conveniently added to the debugger!

Technical Guide

To try and help people understand how The USD Accelerator works I have created an online technical guide. This can be displayed with USD using the Technical Guide option.

Best Practice Analyzer

The best practice analyser is a standard USD feature that is only enabled for admin users, it can be used to review potential issues with your USD configurations, Internet Explorer settings issues and any other issues specific to the current desktop such as insufficient memory.

The USD Accelerator has a very large configuration, an inevitable by-product of it having a large number of features. Some of the warnings will not reflect a major problem, as many of the actions are conditional and won’t actually run. Although if in your final production environment you want to optimise The USD Accelerator you might want to create a clone of the configuration and remove any hosted controls / actions (etc) that will never be relevant in your situation.

User Settings

As already mentioned you might not want to enable the debugger and best practice analyser for everyone, only users with a user setting of “SystemAdmin” and a value of “True” will see these options.

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