The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Batch Mode

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  • Batch Mode
  • Sort Order
  • Enable / Disable Batch Mode

Batch Mode

The concept of batch mode is that often agents will, have lists of work to complete. This might be a list of outbound telephone calls, or a list of cases to resolve, a list of tasks to complete etc.

When entering batch more the operator is presented with the first option in their list, when this session is finished the next item in the list will automatically load. Then the next and the next. Until either the operator decides to exit batch mode or the list is completed.

Batch mode re-queries the “list” at the end of each session. Say an agent is assigned a new high priority case and only currently has low priority ones queued up, then that important case would immediately become the next record presented.

Batch mode options can be enabled for;

  • My Phone calls
  • My Case
  • My Tasks
  • My Leads

Sort Order

You may need to understand or even alter the sequence that items are returned by the batch mode.

Notes on sort order:

  • When working with phone calls the sort order will be based on due date.
  • When working with cases the sort order is based on priority and modified on date.
  • When working with task the sort order will be due date. (Meaning that when working with tasks in batch mode you will need to complete the task or change its due date to a future date, otherwise the same task would be presented again and again!)
  • When working with leads the oldest lead will load first.

The sort order is actually controlled by an entity search, if you wish to amend this then the FetchXML for these searches could be altered as required.

Searches on cases and leads also take the modified date into account. Any cases / leads modified today will be skipped. The idea being that each day you might open a case and either resolve it or update it.

Enable / Disable Batch Mode

The use of batch mode is not mandatory, several UII Options exist to enable / disable this feature. One option for each entity exists, meaning you could enable batch mode for cases but disable phone calls etc.

Options include BatchMyCases, BatchMyLeads, BatchMyPhoneCalls, BatchMyTasks.

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