The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Configurations

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  • Configurations – Overview
    • The USD Accelerator (Default)
    • The USD Accelerator (Live Assist and QGate)
    • The USD Accelerator (Live Assist)
    • The USD Accelerator (QGate)

Configurations Overview

Unified Service Desk includes a concept of configurations. These are really useful when you want one user to see one set of functionality whilst others receive a different experience. You can find the configurations option in the Unified Service Desk Settings. The concept is that you create multiple Unified Service Desk configurations each one is made up of a set of hosted controls, actions, events, toolbars etc etc. We can then assign users to each configurations. Meaning each user will then work with a differ set of USD configurations.

Below you can see that on each system user record we can assign the USD configuration that is required for each user.

The USD Accelerator makes use of configurations offering four different options. You can apply the same configuration to all users but you may also want to mix and match. Imagine that you have a contact centre with 100 staff but only 10 require web chat functionality. You wouldn’t want to be forced into showing Live Assist (3rd party webchat) to all 100 users. Instead only the 10 people requiring webchat will be given a Live Assist configuration.

The four possible configurations are shown below;

The USD Accelerator (Default)

The default configuration, this give the core functionality but does include the 3rd party add-ins from QGate or CaféX. If you are not using CaféX’s Live Assist or QGate’s Intelli-CTi then this is the option that would need to be assigned to all users.

The USD Accelerator (Live Assist and QGate)

Live Assist and QGate. If you wish a user to see CaféX’s Live Assist and QGate’s Intelli-CTi then this option provides them with both.

I often use this option when giving a “full” demo as it provides maximum functionality.

The USD Accelerator (Live Assist)

If your users only need webchat without QGate’s Intelli-CTi capabilities then select this option.

The USD Accelerator (QGate)

If your users only need QGate’s Intelli-CTi without any webchat capabilities then select this option.