The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, HCL-PowerObjects

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  • PowerObjects Addins
    • PowerGlobalSearch
    • PowerFind
    • PowerCalendar
    • PowerMaps
    • PowerChat??
    • PowerSMS
    • PowerSMS Bulk Emails
    • PowerSurveyPlus
  • UII Options

The PowerObjects add-ins are not supported in the UCI version of The USD Accelerator.

PowerObjects Addins

PowerObject provide a number of low cost add-ins for Dynamics 365, these can easily be added to extend The USD Accelerator functionality. For example, PowerSMS can be used to support the sending of text messages directly from USD.


PowerGlobalSearch gives extensions to the OOB CRM search functions. Once you have installed and configured PowerGlobalSearch it can be enabled to support a multi-entity search feature. One neat feature of PowerGlobalSearch is the ability to preview records before opening them.

PowerFind gives extensions to the OOB CRM search functions. Once you have installed and configured PowerFind it can be enabled to support a search which locates matching contacts, accounts and leads. One neat feature of PowerFind is the ability to preview records before opening them.

PowerFind is quite similar to PowerGlobalSearch, except it only returns matching contacts, leads and accounts. Often these will be the required entities making PowerFind a useful search option.


PowerCalendar is designed to allow a single operator to manage calendars for a team of people. Imagine you have telesales operators contacting potential customers to book appointments for your field sales team. PowerCalendar allows the telesales operators to easily view the sales teams calendar in one view, making it easy for them to find a suitable slot for the potential customer.



PowerSMS enables the outgoing and incoming SMS from Dynamics 365. For outgoing this simply means the ability to send SMS messages from the social pane, toolbar and agent script on contacts.

Note: Technically it could be made possible to send an SMS from account and other entities. However out of the box contact if the record which contains a mobile phone field and has therefore been implemented as the default entity for SMS.

Having selected to create an SMS the record will open in a separate tab, with the phone number pre-populated. Type in the SMS message and when ready to send click “MARK COMPLETE”. Clicking save will save the message but it won’t be sent until the activity is completed.

If required workflow could be used to route new SMS messages to queues as required. Then Queue Items option could then also be used.

Opening an SMS from the “My Work” views starts a session. And opens the regarding contact.

Additionally from the knowledge base we can send an SMS containing a link to the article. (That is if the article has a public url and the case is regarding a contact with a mobile number.)

PowerSMS – Bulk Emails

OOB it is not possible to run Campaigns or Quick Campaigns that create custom activities. (PowerSMS Messages are custom activities!) However, The USD Accelerator provides a solution to this challenge.

Firstly there is a small customization change that you can optionally make! Simply change the display name for the fax activity to be “Bulk SMS”.

Note: This solution assumes the OOB “fax” activity is not being used.

We can now create campaigns and quick campaigns for contacts, and distribute a fax activity. Below you can see that we can distribute an activity to “Bulk SMS”. Formerly known as fax!

message, including inserting replacement parameters to personalise the message.

The following replacement parameters are supported. If required more fields from the contact entity could be added by making changes to the entity search called “Contact_BULKSMS”.

  • [[Contact_BULKSMS.fullname]+g]
  • [[Contact_BULKSMS.firstname]+g]
  • [[Contact_BULKSMS.lastname]+g]
  • [[Contact_BULKSMS.jobtitle]+g]
  • [[Contact_BULKSMS.mobilephone]+g]

Within USD the Bulk SMS option can then be used to view all messages waiting to be sent. To send them click the red square. This will loop round all of the Bulk SMS messages and create / send the PowerSMS messages as required. The Bulk SMS (aka fax) will then be marked as completed. If the Bulk SMS is for a contact who does not have a mobile the Bulk SMS will be closed with a status of canceled.

UII Options

A number of UII options are available to enable and disable the PowerObjects features, as shown below;

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