The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, KPIs

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  • KPIs
  • Changing KPIs
  • UII Options


Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be displayed to show live information on agent performance. The measures displayed by default are;

  • Average session time, sometimes known as AHT or Average Handle Time (for this agent today)
  • Number of sessions completed (for this agent today)
  • Number of resolved cases (by this agent today)

It should be understood that some of the measures mentioned rely on the USD history option being enabled. Without this the session times and session counts will not be logged. And therefore, cannot be reflected in these KPI statistics.

Changing KPIs

This KPI measures reported can be altered if required, it is a relatively easy to “tweak” the queries being performed as required. (Assuming you have a basic grasp of FetchXML.) Below you can see that we have a hosted control called “Kpi”, in this the results shown in the KPI control can be amended. Simply edit the code in the section headed “extension XML”.

In addition to changing the FetchXML you could also change the colour / style of the KPIs.

UII Options

As with almost everything in The USD Accelerator, the KPI control can be enabled / disabled using a UII option. Set “ShowKPIs” to “N” to disable the KPIs.

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