The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, LiveAssist

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  • Installing LiveAssist
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  • UII Option

Live Assist

Live Assist is an omni-channel product from CaféX which provides web chat, cobrowse, BOT integration, voice / video escalation and much more. You can find out about LiveAssist here.

From a contact centre point of view the interaction typically starts once a live web chat has been requested by a customer (or potential customer). However it is worth keeping in mind that Live Assist may have already leveraged campaigns directly your website visitors to specific content or maybe even BOTs prior to routing to a human.

This post will not attempt to cover all of the capabilities of Live Assist, instead we will focus on the USD aspects. For information about Live Assist please refer to CaféX

Important Note: To use Live Assist within The USD Accelerator you will need a trial or paid subscription from CaféX

Once enabled Live Assist’s chat panel will show in the RightPanel of The USD Accelerator. When chats are available agents can grab them directly from the chat control.

Once a chat starts the agent can “talk” to the customer via the RightPanel. If the customer commences the chat as an authenticated user the appropriate contact record would be loaded automatically. When the chat is from an anonymous visitor then a search control will allow you to locate the correct contact.

The configuration of The USD Accelerator will automatically link the chat activity to whatever contact, opporuntity or case is opened.

Agent Presence

Agents can control their presence from the control available in the top right hand corner of The USD Accelerator.

Additionally, functionality exists that will automatically show the agent as not available for web chat if they commence a phone call. And set them back to available when the phone call ends.

Incorrect Customer

Maybe a chat starts from an authenticated session but the conversation is actually about another contact. Or maybe the agent simply selects the wrong customer from the search tab. If either of these things happen the “Incorrect Customer” logic can be applied.

If an agent selects the incorrect customer button, any contact, account or lead records currently opened will be closed. Then the chat activity will be “de-linked” from those records. Finally a search control opens allowing the agent to select the correct customer.

Installing Live Assist

Before you configure Live Assist in The USD Accelerator you will need to sign up for a paid or trial subscription from CaféX. You can do this from the App Store.

Whilst installing Live Assist, do not select the install Unified Service Desk option! This sounds strange but The USD Accelerator contains a Live Assist configuration which is different to the standard approach automatically deployed.

Having signed up for Live Assist, you will need to ensure each of the agents configured for Live Assist are assigned the correct USD configuration. Open their system user record and select the USD configuration supplied for Live Assist. Without this the Live Assist chat control and presence control will not be loaded.

USD Configurations

It may be true that only a small n umber of your agents actually need the Live Assist functionality. This is easily achieved using Unified Service Desk’s configuration option. To enable Live Assist for an agent they must be assigned to one of the two configuration’s that supports Web chat from CaféX.

The two available options are “The USD Accelerator (Live Assist and QGate)” or “The USD Accelerator (Live Assist)”. You can see below how one of these needs to be selected on the system user record within Dynamics 365.

UII Options

Additionally the “Incorrect Customer” logic described above and be enabled and disabled using a UII option called “IncorrectCustomer”.

The incorrect customer logic applies to web chat and phone call.

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