The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Overview

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  • Overview
    • The USD Accelerator Benefits
  • Supported Entities
  • Panel Layout


The USD Accelerator has been designed to aid contact centre agents to ensure they can quickly navigation Dynamics 365 and handle customer queries as rapidly as possible.

Generally operators will select “work” in one of two modes. Firstly for incoming requests they will use various search options on the “Search” menu to find and handle incoming requests. Additionally agents may work from “My Work” options. These include lists of cases needing attention, available queue items, open phone calls etc. The “My Work” menu will therefore typically be used for outbound interactions.

Note: Incoming scenarios can also be automatically triggered from opening a webchat within LiveAssist or an incoming phone call received via CTI integration.

Later sections in this document will expand on specific areas of functionality such as CTi, integration with PowerObjects add-ins, Live Assist etc.

The USD Accelerator benefits?

An important question at this point might be, what are the key benefits of The USD Accelerator? A few are itemised below;

  • Significantly reduces the time required to implement USD.
  • Reduces the learning curve of developers, by providing a template they can enhance. (As appose to having to build everything from scratch.)
  • Provides a feature rich environment that is great for sales demonstrations or proof of concepts.
  • Demonstrates the art of the possible to end users. It will be common for potential user to know they need an improved system but they don’t have any reference points to help them articulate their requirements. The USD Accelerator closes this gap and will aid deeper requirements gathering.

Supported Entities

The USD Accelerator is designed to work with many of the key system entities within Dynamics 365. The entities supported include;

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Incident (Case)
  • Opportunity
  • Order
  • Quote
  • Competitor
  • Work Orders
  • Connections
  • Knowledge Base
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Task
  • Appointment
  • Live Assist – Chat Activity
  • And more!

Panel Layout

Unified Service Desk offers agents a tailored user interface that has been specifically designed with agent productivity in mind. The USD Accelerator makes use of this to support the following panels / areas;

  • Main Panel
  • Right Panel
  • Left Panel
  • Session Overview
  • Agent Scripting
  • Main toolbar
  • About Toolbar
  • Status Toolbar
  • CTi Toolbar (Can be used to show KPIs)
  • Navigation Toolbars

Additionally a concept of a floating panel exists. Often this will be used to display information in a separate window which can be positioned on a second monitor.

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