The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Pins

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Pins are used to quickly enter commonly used details on cases or opportunities. Say a particular agent commonly creates opportunities for a particular produce. Instead of completing all the details each time they can “pin” some of them and reuse the details over and over again.

Each agent can create their own pins, three for case and three for opportunities. (The content of the saved pins are actually held as user Settings.)

To set a pin, first enter the details you wish to pin into a case or opportunity. (Don’t forget to save it first!) Then select pins in the status bar.

Having set a pin, when creating a case or opportunity you can select it to default various fields. Notice that the name of the pin defaults to the title of the case to help the agent know which pin to select.

User Settings

The settings for pins are automatically stored as user settings.

The format of the user setting is “Case_Pin<>_<>” or “Opportunity_Pin<>_<>”. Meaning there are three sets of user settings per entity.

The fields which are pinned for case include;

  • Description
  • Priority Code
  • Subject
  • Title

The fields which are pinned for opportunity include;

  • Current Situation
  • Customer Need
  • Description
  • Proposed Solution
  • Topic
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Probability

UII Options

The use of pins is completely options, the UII Option that enables / disables pins is called “UsePins”.

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