The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Queues

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Queues can be an important concept for contact centres! They will often be used to group items that agents with particular skills can handle. Examples may include, a queue of open cases or maybe a queue of outbound telesales calls.

One approach to queues is for a manager to decide which agents should make each call. They do this using out of the box Dynamics 365 functionality to set the “worked by” field on the queue item. Then the item will show in the agents lists, say “My Phone calls” or “My Cases” view.

An alternative approach to queues is to allow operators to pick items from the queue. The USD Accelerator assists this process by automatically assigned the “worked by” field as the agents open items. Additionally if the agent closed a session without resolving the item then the worked by field is released. This approach ensures that multiple agents don’t grab the same item from the queue. And by putting unresolved items back into the queue we ensure nothing gets overlooked.

If an agent does happen to open an item that is flagged as being worked by someone else they get a message warning them that another agent was previously working on this item.

Entities Support

Out of the box not all entities can be queue items! The following list of entities are support by The USD Accelerator;

  • Case
  • email
  • Phone Call
  • Task
  • Appointment
  • Power SMS
  • Work Order

UII Options

The use of queues is not mandatory, in fact I have worked with multiple contact centres that do not use them! To enable / disable the queue functionality set the “UseQueues” UII Option.

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