The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Release History

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The USD Accelerator is a large beast! I am constantly adding additional features, fixing bugs and also making changes to support new Dynamics 365 features as they become available. I therefore plan to make releases as often as I can.

In this page I will post information about each release, including detailing all new features and bugs fixed.

The USD Accelerator

The table below gives a summary of all releases for The USD Accelerator.

Date Version Description
4th January 2020 3_1_0_0 Agent experience enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements.
26th September 2019 3_0_0_0 Support for Omnichannel for Customer Service.
14th April 2019 2_0_0_3 Support for USD v4.1 and Chrome. Plus multiple bug fixes.
24th December 2018 2_0_0_2 Addition of canvas apps for contact verification and announcements. Plus multiple bug fixes.
10th November 2018 2_0_0_1 Improved session overviews, KPI dashboards and bug fixes.
16th October 2018 2_0_0_0 Initial release of the UCI version of The USD Accelerator.

What If You Need Help or Training?

Implementing solutions in contact centres, even with The USD Accelerator can be a challenging undertaking. I would be happy to discuss your requirements in detail. I can provide various services including training on Unified Service Desk!

If you would like to discuss your specific project please email me at

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