The USD Accelerator -Technical Guide, Reliability Features

In this section …

  • Reliability Features
    • Uptime
    • Available Memory
  • UII Options

Reliability Features

Whilst USD and The USD Accelerator will be designed to be as reliable as possible all systems can suffer instability when stressed. In this section I will document features introduced to reduce the impact of these stresses.


Microsoft recommend that USD is restarted at least once every 8 hours. I have observed that it can eventually begin to run show if kept open if a very large amount of time. Whilst you can train your agents to reset USD every “n” hours in busy contact center environments it will be common that they could forget. Therefore a feature has been created to alert them if USD has been open for longer than recommended.

Available Memory

Like any application running USD on a desktop with a limited amount of RAM could lead to reliability or performance issues. To help avoid this a warning can be enabled that will “nudge” the agent if memory is running low. They could then decide to close any non-essential applications or maybe it would be a good time to consider a reboot!

UII Options

The following UII options have been created to help give flexibility on when uptime and available memory warnings are presented to the agent.

Uptime Warning options

CheckUpTime … set value to Y or N to enable / disable the uptime check.

CheckUpTime_MilliSeconds …This is the length of time to wait between each check of the up time. (Default setting would be “600000”, meaning 10 minutes)

CheckUpTime_NotificationTimeout …This is the length of time the notification will remain on screen. (Default setting would be “30”, for 30 seconds.)

CheckUpTime_TimeLimit … Holds the number of minutes to have as the limit before an up time warning will be given. (Default is “480”, meaning 480 minutes or 8 hours.)

Check Memory options

CheckMemory … set value to Y or N to enable / disable the memory check.

CheckMemory_MemoryLimit .. the memory limit in Bytes. Set to value to 900000 to warn when memory goes below 900Kb

CheckMemory_Milliseconds … how many seconds to wait between each check. Set value to 60000 to check once per minute

CheckMemory_NotificationTimeout … the length of time in seconds to show the memory warning notification for a value 30 is suggested.