The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, USD History

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USD History

It is often important for contact centre management to require a multitude of activity based reports, the USD history function helps to provide these reports.

Each time an session is closed details will be written to an audit table. This information may then become invaluable for reporting. The data provided includes session start and end date/time, agent name, initiating entity, CTI logic and duration of session.

When phone calls are received the CTI logic field record if they were a single match, no match or multi-match. (This information might be useful if you want to monitor how effectively your CTI screen popping is working.)

The USD history option makes it easily possible to review the number and average length of sessions by agent, type and date. Do you spend longer speaking to leads or existing customers? Do all of your agents spend the same amount of time dealing with similar queries? Do you have peaks in activity on certain days? Charts provide answers to all of these questions and more statistics could be easily created.

Having enabled this option audit data is written to an entity called neil_usdaudit and selecting the button highlighted below will present this information.

Additionally clicking on the hyperlinks for an account, contact or lead will open that record in a session.

Clicking on the history like will open a detailed page showing more information. Including the agent scripts used to resolve the customers query and the results of any verification questions.

Tip: Notice in the screen shot below how I have moved the USD History view to the right panel. You can do this with the icon highlighted. When using the Unified Client Interface version of The USD Accelerator this can be really useful. (As the smaller form factor of the right panel causes UCI to display the “mobile version” of the form.)


Additionally, two dashboards have been included. You can obviously create your own dashboards but these should get you started! One shows KPI data based on the USD history for the agent logged into USD. The second is for the whole team.

An example of one of the dashboards is below. You can see that I can view charts by agent, CTI screen pop logic and days. Data is shown as being based on a count of sessions or the average session time. Additionally, charts can be shown for today, last 7 days, this month and last 3 months.

UII Option

Maintaining the history of sessions in The USD Accelerator is not mandatory, a UII Option called “UseUSDHistory” and be used to enable / disable this feature.

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