The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide


Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk (USD) is a configuration based framework that can be leveraged to help support the needs of agents in contact centres. USD provides a development environment that is powerful but requires a significant effort to initially implement.

Microsoft do provide sample packages that ship with USD, whilst these are useful as a learning / demonstration aid their functionality is limited. Additionally Microsoft do not support these sample packages in production environments.

The USD Accelerator has been designed to address these issues by provided a feature rich interface which works with commonly used Dynamics 365 entities. Additionally many features can be enabled / disabled by simply changing options.

Note: USD and therefore The USD Accelerator have been designed with contact centres in mind however they can prove extremely useful in back office situations. Essentially it provides an ideal platform for any desk based user.

Guide Contents

Overview – A High level description of The USD Accelerator

Options – It is all about options! What are they and what do they do?

User Settings – Settings that control functionality specific to certain users

Key Features Explained

  • Phone Call Features – How does The USD Accelerator handle phone calls?
  • User History – Logs details of sessions
  • Saved Sessions – Save your session and reopen later
  • Batch Mode – How to efficiently handle list of work
  • Queues – Often agents will work from queues
  • Pins – Pin details of opportunities and cases to speed data input
  • Admin Features – Access the USD Debugger and Best Practice Analyzer

Third Party Product Support

What If You Need Help?

Implementing solutions in contact centres, even with The USD Accelerator can be a challenging undertaking. I would be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.

If you would like to discuss your specific project please email me on or call me on 07767 207939.