CafeX, Live Assist – USD Hosted Controls, Actions etc.

Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can integrate with Unified Service Desk (USD). When it is installed most of the configuration you’ll require is automatically added to your USD config. But in production environments you’ll want to tweak this config. I haven’t found any detailed technical documentation (yet!), so I have created this guide to provide additional detail.

CafeX, Live Assist – My Initial Install (With USD)

I am very excited to be starting to use Cafex’s Live Assist product for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Unified Service Desk (USD), in this post I will explain how to install Live Assist and start to give you a little detail about the product. (More information will follow in later posts as I become familiar with this product.)

CRMUG Webinar on USD, 20th April

Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great product. (I have no doubt about that.) But there are many people out there who don’t know much about it.

On 20th April, I will be hosting a webinar to help people understand how to make the most of CRM in a contact centre.

The CRM Manifesto

I’m travelling home from a wonderful few days at summit EMEA 2017. The Summit was amazing it was really motivating to mix with so many people excited about Dynamics 365 and “CRM”. Whilst at EMEA I picked up a lapel badge containing the words “CRM Manifesto”, what was that all about???

PSA – Video Guide, Episode Four

  Project Service Automation (PSA) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives us powerful / flexible project management capability in “CRM”. I have recently created several blog posts explaining its capabilities. I have also created a series of videos to demonstrate PSA. In this fourth episode I will review how to build and resource your project team. Including…