CRM2016 – Document Template Management

In an earlier post I described now to create an Excel template, this process created a personal template.

But what if ……

  • You want to remove or rename personal Excel or Word templates?
  • Or what if you want to control who gets access to create templates?
  • Or what if you want to convert a personal template into a system template?

In this post I will attempt to answer all of these questions.

Unfortunately, I am disappointed to say one option I would have liked isn’t available! Document templates cannot be added to your CRM solution files. A frustration as this means deployment from one organization to another will involve manual exports and imports of templates.

Managing Personal Excel or Word Templates

If you need to remove or rename a personal Excel or Word template, you will need to use advanced find!

See below how I have selected “Personal Document Templates” in advanced find.

Clicking on results gave me the results shown below. Say I wanted to remove “v1” from my spreadsheet and rename “v2”.

Remove “v1” was easy, simply select the row and select the trash can icon. Then confirm you wish to delete the selected row.

To rename v2, simply double click the row and change the name. Simples!!

Security Roles for Templates

You may wish to control who can see and create templates. Again this is simple.

Within security roles, under business management you will find two new options. One for document templates and one for personal document templates. You can use these roles to decide which users can see and create templates.

In the example below, the CSR manager can create personal document templates but cannot create document templates. Plus, she can read all document templates but can only read her own personal templates.

I said it was simple!

Creating a “system” Document Template.

By default, clicking the create template button will create a personal template but what it you need to create a system wide template? Again simple. A theme in this post!!!

In the settings area of CRM locate the Document Templates option.

In here you will see the default document “system” templates and hopefully you will appreciate that you can use the “Upload Template” option to create a new template by simple selecting a suitable Excel or Word file. As with personal templates from the advanced find you can also delete or open/rename the templates from this view.

6 thoughts on “CRM2016 – Document Template Management

  1. Hi Neil. Agree with your comments. I thought this was a game changer but my biggest issue is that if you select a 1:M relationship it will display all the related 1:m relationships in the document irrespective or record status or field value. A really quick example. I create an Account word template with a table of all Contacts associated with Account. If I inactivate a Contact but still have the Account as the Parent then this will still be displayed in the Account Document. Does anyone know how to filter he records that will display in the Xmas?


    • Hi John,

      Thanks for reading my blog and the comment. So far I have only documented creating Excel templates. For a reason!

      I haven’t seen your specific problem (sorry) but generally I have found Word templates to be unreliable. Word often hangs when creating them. I believe there are some known issues with Word templates. Which is very frustrating. (And means the word templates possibly fall short of being game changing, at least in the short term.)

      I will of course document them as soon as I’ve had time to investigate the issues.

      Sorry I couldn’t answer your specific problem, at least not yet.



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  4. Can a system administrator delete or manage personal templates of users? Or are these like personal views where you cannot access them? If so, is there any performance consideration before lettings user upload templates?


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