MB2-714 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customer Service): FieldOne

In this post I will look at what I think you should need to know about FieldOne in preparation for the MB2-7014 exam (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customer Service.)

FieldOne is a powerful and flexible addition to CRM that helps with field service scenarios. A subject I have blogged about on multiple occasions! So instead of writing a long post, I hope it will be more helpful to simply point you towards some existing information which should provide a good overview of FieldOne. (The full name for the FieldOne product is “FieldOne Sky”, in case that comes up!)

Firstly this post will gives you an overview of FieldOne. In this overview I describe the key roles involved in using FieldOne, including dispatcher, field agent and manager. It may be important for the exam to be aware of these. And how each would use FieldOne.

Understanding what a work order is and how it applies in a field service environment may also be important. It may also be worth knowing the life cycle of a work order. You will find a post on work order theory here.

Work orders can be associated with incidents  (Not to be confused with CRM cases!); these make the process of creating work orders simpler. Knowing about incidents might be useful. This post describes incidents.

Scheduling work orders may also come up. This can be done from the schedule board or the scheduling assistant. Knowing about both of these may be useful.

It is also likely that you will need some knowledge of the FieldOne Sky mobile application, you can find a description of that here.

And this post is a collection of my other FieldOne posts.

Obviously I don’t know what will come up in the exam but I believe the posts I’ve mentioned should provide you with a good overview of FieldOne. I hope this will have helped with your preparation and I will continue these posts soon.

You can find my complete collection of posts for MB2-714 here.


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