MB2-718 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service) – Revision Guide

I have been completing a series of posts to help people prepare for the MB2-718 certification (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service). Here is a collection of links to all of those posts. I hope these might serve as a useful revision aid for the MB2-718 exam.

The MB2-718 certification is not easy! But customer service is at the heart of any CRM system and therefore one I hope you will really enjoy learning about.

Introduction / Exam Tips

Cases, the Knowledge Base, and the Interactive Service Hub
Create and manage cases
Manage case lists and views, search for case records, create a new case record, convert activities to cases, perform case resolution processes, implement case routing rules; set up and configure case creation and update rules, implement parent/child cases, merge cases
Create and manage the knowledge base
Search for articles; associate an article with a case; use knowledge base articles to help resolve cases; create, manage, and maintain knowledge base article templates; create, modify, and publish knowledge base articles; format articles; attach knowledge base articles to email messages
Install and configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server
Install sample data; install and configure language packs, install the email router, configure server synchronization, configure SharePoint integration, install the SSRS data connector
Manage the Interactive Service Hub
Implement single-stream and multi-stream dashboards, manage queues and cases from streams

Revision Guides

Customer Service, an overview

Case Management – Part One

Case Management – Part Two

Knowledge Base

Dynamics CRM Server

Interactive Service Hub

Manage Queues, Entitlements, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Create and manage queues
Differentiate between queue types, create and maintain queues, add cases and activities to queues, reconfigure queue items, implement case routing
Create and manage entitlements
Define entitlements, create and maintain entitlement templates, create and configure a new entitlement, create entitlements and add entitlement lines, apply entitlements to cases, associate products, associate entitlement channels, associate an SLA, activate and deactivate entitlements, renew an entitlement
Create and manage SLAs
Define standard and enhanced SLAs, implement SLA actions and details, use SLAs on-demand, manage cases with standard and enhanced SLAs

Revision Guides

Create and manage queues



Implement Service Management Analysis and Voice of the Customer Surveys
Perform service management analysis
Create Microsoft Power BI dashboards, create service dashboards, design and create system charts, identify goal management components, define goals, implement and configure Advanced Find, create editable grids, identify service report types, design reports, export content to Microsoft Excel
Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other components
Identify VOC features and components, install and configure VOC, create survey forms, create surveys by using the survey designer, create and configure surveys, link survey questions, pipe data into surveys, route responses, configure survey distribution options, identify and configure survey result options

Revision Guides



Power BI


Voice of the Customer – Part One

Voice of the Customer – Part Two

<<Editable Grids>>

Manage the Unified Service Desk (USD)
Install and configure the USD application
This topic may include: Install and configure the USD application; define User Interface Integration (UII) actions and calls; create an action call; manage connections by using Connection Manager, Global Manager, and debugger
Implement hosted controls
Create hosted controls, implement toolbars, identify and declare common events, implement window navigation rules, create and configure default and specific rules, implement data and replacement parameters
Configure server-side synchronization
Manage USD sessions, configure user settings and options, create agent scripts, identify debugger capabilities and components, view page data and parameters in the debugger

Revision Guides

Unified Service Desk – Part One

Unified Service Desk – Part Two

Unified Service Desk – Part Three

Unified Service Desk – Part Four

Manage Dynamics Field Service and the Interactive Services Hub
Install and configure Dynamics 365 Field Service
Plan a Field Service implementation; identify Field Service security roles and administration tasks; view and configure the schedule board; implement the schedule assistant; identify work order relationships; identify accounts, incident types, and service task types; identify agreement options; configure agreement bookings and invoices
Manage the Field Service mobile app and other Field Service features

Identify features and limitations of the mobile app, configure the Field Service mobile app, review customer assets, manage the purchase order process, manage inventory, process returns

Revision Guides

Field Service – Introduction

Field Service – Planning

Field Service – Configuration (Part One)

Field Service Configuration (Part Two)

Field Service Configuration (Part Three)

Field Service – Work Orders

Field Service – Scheduling

Field Service – Agreements

Field Service – Customer Assets

Field Service – Mobile App

Field Service – Inventory

Field Service – Purchasing

Field Service – Returns

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  1. Thanks very much Neil for these resources. I have been using them for 3 months and have just passed the MCSE – these guides have been a massive help!

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