D365UG Birmingham – Virtual Event July 8th

As Covid-19 restrictions continue our next Birmingham Dynamics 365 / Power Platform user group event will again be virtual. The negative is you won’t get to enjoy our famous free buffet. But the amazing benefit is everyone can join regardless of location.

In these times of lock-down I would argue that attending user group events to enhance your Dynamics 365 skills is more important than ever. So please join us for an entertaining and informative evening.

We’ll kick off at 6:30pm (GMT) on 8th July.

Like last time, the meeting will be informal and you’ll get chance to ask questions. Plus we’ll no doubt do the same as last time and have a social chat at the end. (Feel free to bring your own beer!)

This time we have two great topics.

The first session is around the Agile methodology. We have had several requests to discuss Agile as it is an approach commonly taken in the “CRM” projects that we work on.

Our second topic is a very topical one. Dynamics 365 has included a workflow engine that I don’t think has changed much since CRM v4 days. But we now have Power Automate (formerly known as Flow!). Power Automate brings many new capabilities and we will see implementations shift from using traditional workflows to adopting Power Automate. But what does this entail??

Working Agile with the Scaled Agile Framework

Dawn Ripley (Programme Manager at MoD) and Sheryl Netley (Consultant at Tisski) will be discussing how SAFe is being used to deliver Dynamics 365 at MoD. Dawn will be detailing how SAFe works and giving an overview of the benefits of SAFe from a customer perspective and Sheryl will discuss how SAFe helps project teams deliver high quality, customer-focused solutions.

Migrating your WorkFlows to Power Automate

Join Carl Cookson and Ryan Maclean for their session giving a comparison between classic Dynamics 365 workflows and Power Automate. They will be highlighting some key use cases and how you can migrate your business automation to Flow. Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Flows and understand the limitations.

Please register NOW to secure your place .…

You can register on D365UG here.

Or you can register on meetup.com here.

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