App Profile Manager – Known issue when importing custom app profiles

Have you been having problems in Dynamics 365 moving app profiles for your customer service workspace (CSW) from instances to instances using solution??? If so then this blog post might be for you!

I have migrated a simple app profile from my sandbox to my production instance. The solution imported fine. But when I try and open the newly imported app profile, I get an error message that “something went wrong”. If you are seeing this error …. Read on.

FYI: An app profile is effectively the definition of any configurations we’ve made in one of Microsoft’s multi-session apps in Dynamics 365. Including Customer Service Workspace and Omnichannel for Customer Service.

As a test I have created a very simple solution that contains just my app profile. This is literally as simple as I could make it. As my profile includes no agent scripts, no custom sessions etc etc.

Unfortunately, I still get the error mentioned above. This is currently (Feb 2022) a known issue.

The problem is that when we create a custom app profile created via a solution import, the app profile manager tries to load information about the productivity pane configuration. For example, if the pane is turned on, if smart assistant is enabled etc etc. But the imported custom app profile may not include the productivity pane information, resulting in this error.

The Solution (Currently)

The solution is to manually add your productivity pane into the solution. You may not be doing this! As assuming, like me, you haven’t actually changed any of the default settings on the productivity pane.

Below you can see that I have opened my solution in my dev instance. Then I have used the “Add existing” option to locate the “Productivity Panel configuration” option.

Bow I simply manually select the productivity pane for my app profile and include it in my solution.

Finally below you can see that the productivity pane configuration is now included in my solution.

I now export my changed solution!

And I import my solution again into my production instance ….

Now when I open my imported custom app profile in the app profile manager, I do not get an error. (As shown below.) Everything is good again!

This worked fine for me. But an additional recommendation is that this issue can also affect template parameters. Therefore, you may want to manually add your application tab templates. (But in my scenario, I didn’t need to do this!)

Long Term solution
Obviously I have no information on an ETA or any guarantees for a long-term fix!

But I do believe the Microsoft product team will be reviewing this export / import process and will start to automatically include the required configurations for the app profile in your solution. Thus, removing the need for this manual step. But until then … if you have an error make sure you have manually included your productivity pane and any application tab templates into your solution. Simples. (When you know!)

Hopefully, if you are getting the same error as me … you’ll find this a useful past. Enjoy.

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