D365PPUG Birmingham – Announcements

At the Birmingham division of “Dynamics 365 and Power Platform User Group” (D365PPUG) we are busy planning our first to face to face event since before COVID changed everything. Plus, we have several changes to our user group and also things are evolving at a national level. Read on for details …

Our next meeting will be on June 22nd. Like our previous meetings we are lucky to be able to use office space at the Wesleyan building. Which is a great location for anyone visiting Birmingham as it is close to New Street and Snowhill train stations. And has plenty of local parking options.

I’m busy planning my presentation explaining everything about the new Omnichannel Voice Channel. Something close to my heart as using Dynamics 365 in contact centers has historically been a difficult undertaking needing technically complex and costly bespoke integrations. Are those days gone??

A second speaker has been selected (details to be announced soon) but their presentation will be around CoE and general tips for any organisation wanting to fully adopt the Power Platform.

Plus, our buffet is back. Our meetings are immediately after work, so we find many attendees arrive hungry! But more importantly it means we provide a casual environment for likeminded people to chat.

We still have two approaches for you to register for our events. “Meetup.com” and directly on the “Dynamics 365 community” website. (You don’t have to join any groups or pay anything … just register and turn up for a free buffet!)

You can register on meetup.com… here.

We are trying to be more organized. Meaning we are already making decisions about events for later this year. We have provisionally set dates for face-to-face events in September and November. Details to be announced very soon. Hopefully we will open registrations for these much earlier than normal. So watch out for that.

Trying to be more efficient means we needed more help running our events. So, Imtiaz Hussain and I have recruited two fresh faced Dynamics 365 consultants to help us. Meaning our organizing Birmingham committee is now made up of four people. You will be able to meet Adam and Jeewan at our upcoming events.

You can “stalk” Adam on LinkedIn here. And Jeewan can be followed here.

You may know the during COVID the company that supported our community user groups stopping trading. Meaning no funding was available for Birmingham or the other local groups. During lockdown we have been able to keep the various national and local groups going, as virtual events are cheap! But to organise face to face events we need support. Meaning we are very lucky to now have several sponsors. (Great news for anyone who enjoys the free buffet and networking opportunities we typically provide at face to face events!)

And there’s more … D365PPUG has a new website. You will obviously be able to read about the Birmingham events here and of course all the other gathering across the country that are supported by our amazing sponsors.

Plus, don’t forget to follow D365PPUG on LinkedIn to ensure you see all our latest announcements. The newly formed LinkedIn page has a growing number of followers and will hopefully become a great way for you to see notifications / posts about upcoming events.

Don’t forget the most important thing is for you to register for the Birmingham event on June 22nd.

You can register on meetup.com… here.

See you soon, Neil.

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