MB2-715 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online Deployment) – Revision Guide

I have been completing a series of posts to help people prepare for the MB2-715 certification (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online Deployment). Here is a collection of links to all of those posts. I hope these might serve as a useful revision aid for the MB2-715 exam.

The MB2-715 certification is not easy! But deployment is an important topic and one you will really enjoy learning about.

In my opinion the MB2-715 differs slightly in its style to some of the other certifications such as MB2-716 (customization). As its scope contains some topics that are possibly more theoretical, such as how plan for updates or understanding the licensing options. But even so, I still encourage everyone to try as many of the features discussed hands on. Do not rely on theory alone!


Create a Customer Organizational Structure

Support the Microsoft Dynamics 365 client environment

  • Validate minimum browser requirements for devices utilizing the web interface to access Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensure client devices meet the minimum hardware specifications, support outlook integration by using Outlook or Outlook with Dynamics 365 App for Outlook installed, manage phone and tablet client environments

Deploy Microsoft Dynamics

  • Determine the proper edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 suited for the client; determine the proper pricing, packaging, and subscription model based on the needs of the organizational environment; create a deployment plan to meet organizational considerations

Import data into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment

  • Design a data import plan, import data through supported methodologies, upload data from on-premises to Azure, manage large volume migrations with the Data Loader service

Manage the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment

  • Sign-up and cancel subscriptions, manage users, configure SSO and AD synchronization within hybrid environments with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), configure administrative access, assign roles

Revision Guides

Accessing Dynamics 365

Licensing Options

Deployment Planning

Import Data

Manage Subscriptions

Manage Users

Office 365 Admin Roles

Administer the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Environment

Deploy instances

  • Deploy appropriate number and types of instances for designated environments, deploy sandbox and production instances, configure and edit instance properties

Manage instances

  • Switch an instance, reset an instance, delete an instance, copy an instance, manage regions and multiple tenant environments, manage storage and resources, manage administrative email notifications

Manage updates

  • Design a Microsoft Dynamics 365 update policy; review, approve, and skip updates; schedule updates

Revision Guides

Manage Storage

Email Notifications

Manage Sandboxes

Manage Updates

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Other Applications

Integrate Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive with Microsoft Dynamics

  • Configure Exchange server synchronization for incoming and outgoing traffic, manage folder based tracking flows, manage SharePoint integration, enable OneDrive for Business, configure control access and folder structure for SharePoint

Integrate other Microsoft Online Business Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics

  • Manage OneNote integration, manage Microsoft Social Engagement integration, manage Yammer integration, manage workspace collaboration with Office 365 Groups, manage and configure Delve integration

Integrate customized and third party applications with Microsoft Dynamics

  • Configure and manage app modules, create customized function apps with App Designer, create site maps by using Design App Mapper, obtain access to additional apps through App Source and Power Apps

Revision Guides

Exchange Integration

SharePoint Integration

OneDrive for Business Integration

OneNote Integration

Microsoft Social Engagement

Yammer Integration

Office 365 Groups

App Designer

Power Apps

Note: Delve Integration relies on Office Graph Integration. Microsoft removed Office Graph Integration from Dynamics 365 on 31st August 2017.

Manage Microsoft Outlook and Mobile Environments

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Outlook

  • Manage supported environments for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook, deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook through multiple methods, configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook to connect to multiple instances, configure synchronized fields, perform basic functions using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook interface

Manage and configure mobile apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for phones express and newer Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Phones and Tablets, configure entities and security privileges, manage CRM forms and dashboard

Revision Guides


Mobile Apps

18 thoughts on “MB2-715 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online Deployment) – Revision Guide

  1. Hi Neil,
    Videos and reference materials from Microsoft were created in 2016/2017. Since 2017 and spring 2018, plans and versions have changed ( no more business version, new professional,…) . Some features have also changed their names or have been deprecated. Do you know if the exam is updated be removing questions on deprecated features/names or adding new questions on new features/names coming with spring 2018 and v9.02 ?


    • Hi Jerome

      The exams are created at a given version of Dynamics. You need to keep this in mind as new versions of Dynamics are released.

      Historically Microsoft have created new exam periodically to keep them current. For example, I think MB2-710 became MB2-715. It may also be possible that they could update the existing exam, although if that happens I would expect to see details of changes on the Microsoft site.

      I agree this can be confusing but it is a by product of the rapid development of Dynamics 365. The exams are quite often one step behind.

      But the exams have no trick questions so carefully reading the question and considering your answer carefully should lead to a good outcome!




  2. Neil, I recently passed MB2-715 Certification and I owe it to you. Your revision notes are the BEST. Thanks a lot for your contribution for CRM community.

    Liked by 1 person

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