USD – Sub Action Calls

I recently used Sub Action Calls for the first time! I’d seen them before but until now hadn’t found a good example of when to use them.

In my example, I had already created an action which expanded the left panel. This action was then called whenever I was creating a session, opening an agent script etc. All worked well until I decided to start to also use the right panel. As my main panel became very squashed very quickly.

The solution was simple, just shrink the right panel whenever the left panel was expanded.

But not wanting to edit all the locations I’d inserted the action to expand the left panel I found it easier (and quicker) to link the right panel close to the left panel expand.

My left panel expand action looked like this;


I then went to the navigation bar and selected Sub Action Calls.


I then added the right panel close action, as shown below. Simples!


4 thoughts on “USD – Sub Action Calls

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  3. Hi Neil,
    I have recently noticed that subaction calls are not successfully exported with the Configuration Migration application.
    After the import I have to review them and manually include those that have not been imported.
    Have you observed this behavior?

    Tanks and regards,


    • Hi Juanpe


      I use sub actions quite a lot and I have never suffered this problem. Whenever I export with the configuration application they have been fine.

      I do get a problem occasionally of the migration application creating unwanted duplicates. I tend to get round this by deleting my configuration manually before re-importing. Which is a pain but works.

      So I haven’t observed this. Sorry.



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