USD – Multiple Pages

Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM contains a neat feature to allow you to easily display multiple pages in one tab.

The can be really useful if, for example, you wanted to allow a user to display contacts for an account and quickly jump from one to the other. (Or multiple cases, opportunities or anything.)

Making this change is really simple. On your hosted control you will see an option called “Allow Multiple Pages”, which will default to “No”. Simply change this to “Yes.”

Having done that a new fields will display called “Maximum Browsers”. This limits the number of pages which the user can open. In my exmaple I have set the limit to 6. I think you could leave this field blank to allow limitless pages but I suggest you always restrict / cap the load users can “inflict” on the system!

Now when I load Unified Service Desk my contact tab will behave slightly differently;

On my account I have multiple contacts, clicking on any of the them will load the contact;

The default behaviour would be that a contact tab will open showing the last contact  selected. Now the Multiple Pages option has been selected all of the contacts can be loaded. The last one selected will still be shown but I also have a drop down to quickly change from contact to contact.

Notice how the drop down contains the type of entity “Contact:” and the primary name from that entity. (In the case of contact the fullname field.)

If you haven’t tried this quick and easy configuration change before it is worth experimenting with.

Enjoy. J

7 thoughts on “USD – Multiple Pages

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  4. Hi, how to find and close a page within the tab or at least reload it when there is a page with the same name…to avoid piling up in the dropdown duplicates of the same page


    • Hi

      Firstly thanks for reading my blog and taking time to post this comment. And sorry I have been slow to respond.

      I agree this can be a problem and is one I have also faced in the past.

      Unfortunately I haven’t found an acceptable workaround. Obviously if I do I will document on my blog.

      But for now it would be a user training issue. Whilst I don’t like opening the same record more than once on multiple pages it hasn’t actually caused any issues. (Other than being a source for confusion!)


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